Independant Validation for your tickets and Access Control for your Venue

VAST is a venue access control and ticket lifecycle mangement system that scales to your needs and is flexible to meet the needs of venues from major stadiums to racecourses, small theatres to transport services or tourist attractions to sports centres.


Multi-source ticket generation and management.

By having an agnostic approach to ticket sourcing, operators gain a competitive advantage with no vendor lock-in contracts, more competitive ticket pricing and the flexibility to choose a ticket source to best suit the event.

Have a webshop or favourite ticket marketing website or do you just get handed a CSV file with ticket numbers? Whatever your needs, import your tickets and leave the rest to VAST!

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Validate tickets with phones, industrial scanners or fixed turnstile gates.

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Validate tickets with phones, industrial scanners or fixed turnstile gates.

Recognise revenue by validating patrons' tickets with a system that suits your venue or service

Choose your ticket validation device from our broad range of options including an app running on Android (iOS coming soon!), dedicated, hardened, handheld scanners or electronic controllers integrated into your turnstile or gate equipment.

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Sell tickets anyway you want

No need to change your current system or process for selling tickets

UMD VAST™ allows you to choose from amongst many methods for selling tickets for what suits your business. Unattended kiosks, Box office Point of Sale (POS), your own webshop, 3rd party ticket sites or manually using pre-printed tickets generated on the system.

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Create ticket batches

Track sales or creation of multiple tickets together.

Tickets are always created and 'sold' as a batch. Even if only one ticket is created. Transaction data is tracked against that batch including payments, refunds, currency, payment types etc

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Powerful ticket type definitions

If you can think of a way you'd like the tickets to work, it can probably be implemented through the capabilities of the ticket type. From limiting re-use to custom actions and flags.

Built in ticket type attributes include a friendly name or description, pricing, currency, initial number of uses, number of patrons associated with a use (e.g. group ticket), initial status setting, expiry model and date, class tags, action flag/s, option flag/s, transaction limit (max # tickets of this type that can be sold in any one batch), lockout period/s, DCID format, capture mode format, event and event types.

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Manage tickets, venue layout and reporting on a per-event basis.

Keep event ticket and access control management simple and focused on the event you are delivering.

Sell and manage tickets and access on a per event basis. Automaticaly configure your venue layout schema depending on the type of event. Report on all information related to the event - ticket sales, patronage, occupancy and more.

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Sell tickets to your event and manage the validation and reporting of your patronage and ticket sales against that event.


Theatres, Stadia, Clubs, Civic health centres, Swimming pools, Racecourses, Entertainment complexes - anywhere validated ticket access control is required. Maximise your revenue by managing ingress and egress while providing your patrons a frictionless experience.


Services including buses, ferries or shuttles where ticketed travel is required. Sell tickets online througha third party, on the transport or at a ticket booth or kiosk.


Tourist attractions, Civic health centres, Swimming pools or Museums - sell tickets with for use any time but with a fexible expiry regime that suits your business (e.g. "End of day sold", "Fixed date", "1 month after first use").

Pricing Table (not real pricing!!!)


500 Free ticket creates and uses
1 Validator Licence included $40/Additional Validator/MO.
Manual ticket creation (CSV upload, on-system range creation)
$0.05 per ticket created.
$0.20 per ticket use.


2000 Included ticket creates and uses per month.
2 Validator Licences included
$40/Additional Validator/Month
Web Server
DNS Hosting
Mail Server
24/7 Monitoring

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