CSL - CS7xx Series
UHF RFID Antennas

The CSL CS7xx Series of RFID Antennas have been specifically developed to match the convergence range of fixed RFID readers (CS461 series).

  • Industry leading read range performance for fare field antennas
  • Circular and Linear antennas
  • Global frequency range
  • Excellent matching for best read performance








Dimensions 125 mm L
125 mm W
38 mm D
125 mm L
125 mm W
38 mm D
300 mm L
300 mm W
40 mm D
300 mm L
300 mm W
40 mmD
300 mm L
300 mm W
60 mm D
230 mm L
230 mm W
60 mm D
Weight 500g 500g 2000g 2000g 800g 900g
Mounting Bracket to couple to standard wall socket hole Wall plate with screwing entering socket box, 4 screws in turn mounting antenna onto wall plate 2 x 2 mounting stud, horizontal separation 5.875 inches, vertical separation 2.75 inches, x 0.625 inch studs with 20 threads/inch Mounting holes for table top mounting or 6 mounting holes for bottom mounting 4 seperate side mounting brackets
Operating Temperature -20 to 55C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85C
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%(non-condensing)
IP Rating IP67 IP67
Antenna Characteristics
(Select one band)
865-868 MHz
902-928 MHz (Australia)
952-954 MHz
Polarization Linear Linear RHCP or LHCP Linear Near-field magnetic coupling Near-field magnetic coupling
Gain 4.0 dBi 4.5 dBi 6.0 dBi 9.0 dBi 6.0 dBi Max ~
Impedance 50 ohms

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Antennas
Directional Patch - Circular
CS771-2-L CS-771-2-L UHF Antenna, LHCP, Directional Patch (Inc 3m coax with SMA/RP connector) $363.00 E
CS771-2-R CS-771-2-R UHF Antenna, RHCP, Directional Patch (inc 3m coax with SMA/RP Connector) $363.00 E
Directional Patch - Linear
CS772-2 CS772-2 UHF Antenna, Linear, Directional Patch $429.00 E
Near Field
CS777-4 CS-777-4 UHF Antenna, Near Field (Round 30cm) $451.00 E
CS778-4-S CS-778-4 UHF Antenna, Near Field (Square 30cm) - Side Cable Entry $451.00 E
CS778-4-B CS-778-4 UHF Antenna, Near Field (Square 30cm) - Bottom Cable Entry $451.00 E
[B] Access Control Antennas
CS718-4 CS-718-4 UHF Access Control Antenna $396.00 E
CS713-4 CS-713-4 UHF Access Control Antenna with LED/Buzzer/Gate Control $462.00 E
[C] Cables
CS801-3.6 CS-801-3.6m Antenna Extension Cable, UHF 3.6m (TNC RP Plug/Jack) $66.00 E
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