Skyetek - Gemini
NFC OEM Module

The Gemini SkyeModule marks the next generation of SkyeTek HF reader modules. The Gemini is a low-cost, and ultra-low power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module. A cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and the latest HF transceiver technology, coupled with the reader's intelligent operating system make this module a most versatile HF RFID module. Manufactured and tested in the United States, quality is a top priority for all SkyeTek modules.

Supported security features like mutually authenticated triple DES encryption offer a low-cost and robust method of authentication for consumables, making the Gemini ideal for medical, ticketing, security or safety applications. At about the size of a matchbook, this module can be fit into almost any new or existing OEM design. The Gemini module is also well suited for battery powered and other power sensitive applications because of the low power features including software stand-by mode and deep sleep mode.

The Gemini module is one of the first to support not only the extremely popular NFC tags, but also NFC peer-to-peer and tag emulation modes as defined by ISO18092. This unique ability allows for active data passing between NFC enabled smart phones, tablets and other devices.

The Gemini is physically the same size and form factor as SkyeTek's very first and most popular module the M1. The Gemini module connector is updated to match the Common Blade Interface and can connect to the same interface board as any of the Common Blade devices (M2, M4, M7, M9 and M10). In addition, a micro USB port is available for direct connection to a USB host as well as an antenna output for an external antenna.

Note the standard Gemini module is provided without any connectors (USB or Blade Interface). UMD can provide connectors individually or mounted to the module.


  • 13.56MHz HF RFID
  • Reads and Writes to Transponders based on ISO14443A/B
  • Reads and Writes to other NFC devices based on ISO18092
  • Emulates NFC tags based on ISO18092
  • 3DES Authentication for MiFARE Ultralight C tags
  • AES Authentication for Mifare Plus Tags
  • Crypto1 Authentication for Mifare Classic Tags
  • Power supply of 1.8-5.5V
  • Sleep mode current down to 10uA
  • Easy migration to and from the M2/M4
  • Supported host interfaces include USB, TTL level RS232, SPI, I2C
  • Modularity Certified
  • Simple and Intuitive API


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions5 mm (h) x 38 mm (w) x 40 mm (l)
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature10 to 70C
Storage Temperature-20 to 85C
RFID Characteristics
3DES with MiFARE Ultralight C Tags
AES Authentication for Mifare Plus Tags
Crypto1 Authentication for Mifare Classic Tags
Read Range
Internal Antenna
External Antenna
(Dependant on Tag and Orientation)
Upto 5cm
Upto 8cm
Source1.8 to 5.5VDC 0.2V

Host/Data RatesUART(TTL) / 9.6-1152 kbps
SPI Mode 1 / Upto 4Mb/s
USB 2.0 VCP / Upto 12Mb/s
I2C / 100/400kHz
Peripheral4 Programmable GPIO Pins

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Skyetek Gemini
Preferred (with USB connector only)
1-9041-080-1 GM-UB RFID NFC Module - Gemini (USB) $165.00 E
1-9041-081-3 GM-MH RFID NFC Module - Gemini (USB + MH) $187.00 E
1-9041-082-5 GM-AC RFID NFC Module - Gemini (All connectors) $187.00 E
[B] Skyetek Gemini Development Kit
1-9040-080-2 DK-GM Development Kit for Gemini (x3) $1,364.00 L2
[C] Accessories
Interface Board
1-9042-010-7 HPiB HP Interface Board $550.00 E
1-9043-050-2 SP-AN-04-HF HF Antenna (8x9cm) (M2/M4) $110.00 E
Module to Antenna Cable Adaptor
2-9020-000-5 CA9020 SMA Socket to MMCX Plug - Adapter $11.00 U1
[D] Components
These connectors are mounted to the Gemini module:
1-0075-224-5 DF11-24DP-2DSA(24) Conn, Header Pin, PCB Straight, 2mm Hirose, 24 way $3.96 C
1-0410-300-1 10104111-0001LF Conn, USB 2.0, SMD, Micro AB, Horiz Mount $3.96 B
This connector is to plug the Gemini module into on your design:
1-0075-024-9 DF11Z-24DS-2V Conn, Header Skt, SMT 2mm Hirose, 24 way $2.64 C