Edgeware Device Management Platform

The UMD-Edge-Mobile is a platform software designed for Windows® Mobile data capture devices to provide general asset or inventory mobile solutions using of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and/or Barcode tagged assets.

The platform is designed to be uniquely configured to suit specifific customer or host application system requirements.

It provides core functionality and can operate independently using local file-based data, or can exchange data between the hand held device and host application using our growing host connector library or custom written as required.

Core application operational modes include:

  • Tag programming mode
  • Assign Tag
  • Stock take / Audit Mode
  • Find-it Mode



A standard host conneor is available for the UMD-V2E Cloud based asset management system.

Custom host connectors can be developed to meet specific requirements.



1. Read / Write Mode (Tag Initialisation):

For reading and commissioning RFID tags as they are applied to assets.

  • Reads UHF RFID tags, with variable power level to control read range from 1cm to 5m
    (depending on tag type and orientation)
  • Writes to UHF RFID tags in either a self-generated sequence, or from a barcode input, to help the system act as a direct extension to existing barcoding regimes.
  • Filters barcodes based on a configurable barcode pre-fix, ensuring only company assets are being programmed into tags
    • Filters RFID tags based on company domain information, to ensure 3rd party RFID tags are not considered during stocktakes and audits

2. Assign Tag:

In this mode, the device associates a list of assets with scanned RFID or Barcodes and can update the host database automatically.

3. Stocktake / Audit Mode:

Stocktake: RFID scans and records all items seen in an area. Saves each area, building/level/room as a different stocktake for future reference

Audit: RFID scans against a previous Audit or a list to see what items are now missing or have been added to an area. Includes an intuitive colour asset list that shows what is new and what is missing.

4. Find-It Mode:

Helps track down an individual item in an area, using the scanner’s directional antenna. It provides varying pitch audible tones to guide the user to the target RFID tagged asset from first contact (2 to 6m) down to 1cm. which depends on tag type and environmental variables.



The UMD-Edge-Mobile platform can generally be configured to any Windows® Mobile Device which has a suitable data capture and communications capabilities (eg. Barcode, RFID and Wifi)

  • ATID Model AT-880 series (barcode and RFID)
  • Denso BHT1200 Series (barcode only)
  • Honeywell (Intermec) CN70-RFID Series (barcode and RFID)