Skyetek - M10

The SkyeModule M10 leads the industry in embedded UHF reader price-performance. Offering a one-of-a-kind combination of high performance, low cost, and compact footprint, the M10 delivers the following benefits:

Price-performance through read performance that reaches up to 5 meters.Inventory reliability through anti-collision that allows up to 50 tags to be read in a single read operation.Compact size, with approximately 40% smaller footprint than most other 1 watt reader modules.Ease of integration by using SkyeAPI, a single library that abstracts, simplifies, and automates tag and protocol-specific functions from the host system.Investment protection through SkyeOS permitting field firmware upgradest that allow for future tag introductions and protocol enhancements.Tagnostic support for a broad array of EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tags allowing for maximum application flexibility and optimization.TagIQ that accounts for tag-specific characteristics so as to optimize read/write performance for individual tag types.Performance optimization achieved through power control (10 30 dBm), noise reduction technology, and power management.

The SkyeModule M10 has been created specifically for several applications and use cases that share common requirements for tag support, protocol and performance. The M10 is an ideal solution for Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Patron Management and Worker Tracking, The M10 is appropriate for use in Handhelds, Mobile Readers, Doorway Readers, Printer encoders and Smart-Cabinet shelving.


  • UHF Band, 860-960 MHz
  • 30 dBm max output power
  • Broad support for EPC C1G2 tag vendors
  • Compact size
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Variety of host interfaces: UART (TTL), USB, SPI & I2C
  • API support in ANSI-C, .NET, ASCII, and binary


Key Function Market's most affordable 1W UHF reader module
Frequency UHF
862-955 MHz
Protocols EPC C1G2 /ISO 18000-6C
Size Smaller than a matchbook
42.8 x 76.5 x 11.2 mm

Weight 25g

Effective Range Upto 5m
Performance dependent on tag type, coniguration, and other environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -20C to 70
Storage Temperature -30C to 85C
Voltage Range 3.3 V/DC
Current Consumption Idle Mode: 462 mA
Scan Mode: 1.5A @ 30 dBm
Output Power Adjustable 10-30 dBm with 0.1 dB steps
Power Accuracy: 1 dBm
Read Performance Up to 50 tags/second (Performance assumes 6 dBi linearly-polarized antenna and is dependent on tag type, configuration, and other environmental conditions.)
UART(TTL), 9.6-115.2kbps X
USB Host Connection X
Programmable GPIO Pins 4
External Antenna X
Internal Antenna -
Multiple Antennas (MUX support) -
Access Control and Payment X
Item-Level Inventory X
Patron Management X
Product Authentication X
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP Dealer 1+ 10+ T
[A] Skyetek
1-9041-070-2 M10-MH RFID UHF Module (1W) $1,034.00 $940.00 $827.20 $752.00 $733.20 E
[B] Accessories
Interface Board
1-9042-010-7 HPiB HP Interface Board $550.00 $500.00 $440.00 $400.00 $390.00 E
1-9043-020-5 SP-AN-BB-UF UHF Antenna 5dB Linear - Broadband $374.00 $340.00 $299.20 $272.00 $265.20 E
1-9043-030-4 SP-AN-05-UF UHF Inductive Antenna $110.00 $100.00 $88.00 $80.00 $78.00 E
1-9042-021-3 MUX-4U Antenna Multiplexor - UHF - 4 channels $374.00 $340.00 $299.20 $272.00 $265.20 E
1-9042-031-2 MUX-8U Antenna Multiplexor - UHF - 8 channels $550.00 $500.00 $440.00 $400.00 $390.00 E
1-9042-041-1 MUX-12U Antenna Multiplexor - UHF - 12 channels $693.00 $630.00 $554.40 $504.00 $491.40 E
Module to Antenna Cable Adaptor
2-9020-000-5 CA9020 SMA Socket to MMCX Plug - Adapter $11.00 $10.00 $8.80 $8.00 $7.80 U1
2-9045-002-8 CA9045-0.2 Coax Cable, RG174, SMA Jack (Bulkhead) to MMCX -200mm $16.50 $15.00 $13.20 $12.00 $11.70 U1
Antenna Co-Ax Cables
2-9019-005-4 CA9019-0.5 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug -0.5m $44.00 $40.00 $35.20 $32.00 $31.20 U1
2-9019-010-8 CA9019-1 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug 1m $49.50 $45.00 $39.60 $36.00 $35.10 U1
2-9019-015-3 CA9019-1.5 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug 1.5m $49.50 $45.00 $39.60 $36.00 $35.10 U1
[C] Components
1-0075-024-9 DF11Z-24DS-2V Conn, Header Skt, SMT 2mm Hirose, 24 way $2.64 $2.40 $2.11 $1.92 $1.87 C
[D] Development Kits
1-9040-070-3 DK-M10 Development Kit for M10 MH Version $1,892.00 $1,720.00 $1,702.80 $1,548.00 $1,548.00 L2
First time users must purchase a Development Kit, as this include all documentation and software. Modules and components are supplied on an OEM basis and include no documentation.