Printer - Report
Epson Summary - Dot Matrix

Epson have an extensive range of dot matrix report printers.


  • 9 and 24 pin models
  • ESC P - 9 Pin printing language
  • Optional Two-color printing ribbon option
  • Standard 1 year warranty with 2 year extension optional available
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
C11C640061 LX-300+II 9 Pin Printer $451.00 E2
C11C524041 FX-890 9 Pin Printer $847.00 E2
C11C526051 FX-2190 9 Pin Printer $1,078.00 E2
C11C638051 LQ-300+II 24 Pin Printer $550.00 E2
C11C558071 LQ-590 24 Pin Printer $1,001.00 E2
C11C376041 LQ-680 24 Pin Printer $902.00 E2
C11C559081 LQ-2090 24 Pin Printer $1,034.00 E2
C11C272041 LQ-2180 24 Pin Printer $1,727.00 E2
C11C396021 DLQ-3500 24 Pin Printer $2,695.00 E2
C11C605021 DFX-9000 Data Processing Printer $7,029.00 E2
[D] EPSON Ribbon Cassetes (ERC)
C13S015019 ERC-8750 FX-80/85/800/850/870/880, LX-300/400/800/850, MX-80, RX-80/80F/T/80F $8.80 E2
C13S015073 LX-300/X300+ $36.30 E2
C13S015021 ERC-5021 LQ-200/300/400/500/550/570/570+/800/850/850+/870 $9.90 E2
C13S015077 LQ-300 $36.30 E2
[E] EPSON Printer Accessories
Color Upgrade Kit
C12C832082 CUK-LX300 Color Upgrade Kit for LX-300+II $99.00 E2
C12C832112 CUK-LQ300 Color Upgrade Kit for LQ-300+II $99.00 E2
Paper Roll Holder
C12C811141 PRH Paper Roll Holder LX-300+II/890/2190/, LQ-300+II/590/2090/680/2190 $231.00 E2
Pull Tractors
C12C800302 PT-302 Pull Tractor LX-300+II $66.00 E2
C12C800202 PT-202 Pull Tractor FX-890/590 $121.00 E2
C12C800212 PT-212 Pull Tractor FX-2190/2090 $154.00 E2
C12C800382 PT-382 Pull Tractor DFX-9000 $275.00 E2
C12C800322 PT-322 Pull Tractor LQ-2180 $121.00 E2
Single Cut Sheet Feeder
C12C806372 SCSF-372 Single Cut Sheet Feeder $143.00 E2
[F] Extended Warranty
3YWLX300+II 3YEW-LX300 3 Year Extended Warranty (RTB) LX-300 $66.00 E2
3YWLQ300+II 3YEW-LQ300 3 Year Extended Warranty (RTB) LQ-300 $77.00 E2
[G] Epson Ribbons - Black
C13S015019 ERC-8750 FX-80/85/800/850/870/880, LX-300/400/800/850, MX-80, RX-80/80F/T/80F $8.80 E2
C13S015091 ERC-5091 FX-980 $44.00 E2
C13S015021 ERC-5021 LQ-200/300/400/500/550/570/570+/800/850/850+/870 $9.90 E2
C13S015032 ERC-5032 LQ-100 $9.90 E2
C13S015047 ERC-5047 LX-100 $9.90 E2
C13S015060 ERC-5060 LQ-150 $9.90 E2
C13S015053 ERC-5053 GX-80 LX-80 LX-86 $14.30 E2
C13S015020 ERC-5020 FX-100/100+/105/1000/1050/1170/1180/1180+/1050, MX-100, RX-100/100+ $11.00 E2
C13S015054 ERC-5054 EX-800 EX-1000 $16.50 E2
C13S015022 ERC-5022 LQ-1000/1010/1050/1050+/1070/1070+/1170 $12.10 E2
C13S015329 ERC-5329 FX-890 $16.50 E2
C13S015262 ERC-5262 LQ-860/860+/1060/1060+/2550/670 $17.60 E2
C13S015055 ERC-5055 DFX-5000/5000+/8000 $60.50 E2
C13S015013 ERC-5013 DLQ-2000 $30.80 E2
C13S015066 ERC-5066 DLQ-3000/3000+/3500 $42.90 E2
C13S015127 ERC-5127 LQ-2500/2500+ Color Ribbon $28.60 E2
C13S015086 ERC-5086 FX-2170/2180, LQ-2170/2070/2080/2180 $55.00 E2
C13S015001 ERC-5001 TLQ-4800 $37.40 E2
C13S015052 ERC-5052 LQ-1500 $18.70 E2
C13S015327 ERC-5327 FX-2190 $27.50 E2
C13S015337 ERC-5337 LQ-590 $27.50 E2
C13S015336 ERC-5336 LQ-2090 $55.00 E2
C13S015139 ERC-5139 DLQ-3000/3000+/3500 $68.20 E2
[H] Epson Ribbons - Color / Fabric
C13S015056 DLQ-2000/860/860+/1060/1060+/2550 $42.90 E2
C13S015061 LQ-150 $36.30 E2
C13S015067 DLQ-3000/3000+/3500 $49.50 E2
C13S015073 LX-300/X300+ $36.30 E2
C13S015077 LQ-300 $36.30 E2
[I] Epson Ribbons Film / Black
C13S015129 DLQ-2000, LQ-860/860+/1060/1060+/2550 $33.00 E2
C13S015255 LQ-200/300/400/500/550/ 570/570+/800/850/850+/870/580 $26.40 E2
C13S015256 LQ-1000/1010/1050/1050+/1070/1070+/1170 $33.00 E2
C13S015068 DLQ-3000/3000+ $44.00 E2