Electrical & Installation

This page list a range of components used on installation of equipment.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Cable Mounting Hardware
5-2090-020-0 Conduit, Corrugated, Gray, 20mm diam (p/m) $4.40 C
5-2070-127-2 Conduit Half Sadle, 12.7mm Cable Diam $0.99 C
Cable Glands
5-2024-004-7 IP68 Cable Gland Black, 4-8mm $1.76 C
5-2024-005-4 IP68 Cable Gland Black, 5-10mm $1.87 C
[B] Enclosures
5-4053-001-2 PJ302215T Polycarbonate Enclosure, Clear Lid, W300xD220xH150 $178.20 C
5-4053-002-9 PJ3022/M Enclosure Mounting Plate to Suit 5-4053-001-2 $41.80 C
5-4053-003-6 PJ302215 Polycarbonate Enclosure, Opaque Lid, W300xD220xH150mm $102.30 C
5-4053-004-3 PJ302210 Polycarbonate Enclosure, Opaque Lid, W300xD220xH100mm $102.30 C
5-4053-010-4 PJ110706 Polycarbonate Enclosure, Opaque Lid, W110xD75xH65 $17.60 C
Industrial Steel
5-4053-101-9 NI06062 Industrial Enclosure 600x600x200 Steel $665.50 E
5-4120-010-5 ELSB30420G Industrial Enclosure 300x400x200 IP55 $209.00 C
5-4110-010-8 Industrial Wall Mount, 200w x 300h x 120d IP65 $110.00 C
5-4110-020-7 Industrial Wall Mount, 200w x 400h x 120d IP65 $110.00 C
5-4110-030-6 Industrial Wall Mount, 300w x 400h x 150d IP54 $110.00 C
5-4110-040-3 Industrial Wall Mount, 400w x 600h x 200d IP54 $220.00 C
5-4101-010-0 1551RFLBK Hammond Flanged - 50x50mm Black $3.30 C
[C] Brackets
5-1010-015-8 Bracket, L, 15x15mm $0.88 C
5-1010-150-7 Bracket, L, 15 x 50mm $0.88 C
[D] Nuts and Bolts
5-0800-050-2 U-Bolt, 100x60xM10 (Suit 50m diam pipe) includes Nut $13.09 A
Mudguard Washer
5-0219-008-7 Washer, Mudgaurd Zinc, 38mm(OD) x M8 $0.88 A
5-0219-010-0 Washer, Mudgaurd Zinc, 38mm(OD) x M10 $0.88 A
[E] Antenna Mounting Hardware
Stramit Mount
5-3020-070-3 SFS1 Stramit Mount, Screw Foot, with Screw $8.80 U3
5-3020-071-0 GFS1 Stramit Mount, Screw Foot, with Guy Foot $7.70 U3
5-3020-072-7 MFS1 Stramit Mount, Mast Mount $11.00 U3
5-3020-073-4 SDM6Z Stramit Mount, Deck Mount Kit $33.00 U3