Hexicore - Online Precision Monitoring (OPM)
Industrial Analytics & Dashboard

Unique Micro Design (UMD) are authorised solution partner and distributor for the full range of Hexicore suite of products, which brings to life the data we capture, and enables UMD to provide full stack industrial analytical solutions and dashboarding.

Hexicore Online Precision Monitoring (OPM) is a web based software with built-in innovative features that lets you focus on your analysis, and not on your data. At a glance charts and graphs provide necessary information quickly and easily, with flexible tables to give you the freedom to arrange your work in any order.

Each solution feature is detailed with background information and resources to help you decide which features match your business needs. Dashboards receive data from multiple sources and aggregates into a readable format.

Hexicore OPM uses UMD's ICADA architecture and UMD Chariot cloud broker service which abstracts all the edge data capture, enabling collection of data from any sources or sensors.

These two customisable platforms enable UMD to provide a full-stack solutions to meet clients' exact needs.


  • Intelligent technology that senses what your business wants to do and produces the results you want
  • Simple graphical user interface with three panels for navigation
  • Actionable insights from key performance indicators
  • Personalised settings with individual logins and identification to save layouts and design
  • Cross platform compatibility with popular web browsers and devices
  • Track and analyse assets using geographical maps
  • Export tables into CSV or PDF formats
  • Standard and Custom widgets (dashboard elements/gauges)
  • Fully integrates with UMD ICADA/Chariot platforms

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Hexicore Industrial Analytics
Core Services
AP-HEX-APEX-CLE Hexicore APEX SaaS, Licence A
AP-HEX-APEX-CPE Hexicore APEX SaaS, Professional Services / Configuration P
AP-HEX-APEX-SCM Hexicore APEX SaaS Subscription, Cloud, p/m S
AP-HEX-APEX-SUM Hexicore APEX SaaS Subscription, Users, p/m S
AP-HEX-APEX-SDM Hexicore APEX SaaS Subscription, Devices, p/m S
AP-HEX-APEX-ASM Hexicore APEX SaaS Subscription, , After Sales Support, p/m P