Intermec - IP30
Portable UHF RFID Reader

The Intermec IP30 is an add on RFID product for the CN3, CN4, CN70, CK3 and CK7X series of mobile computers, to enable the reading of passive UHF RFID tags in the mobile arena, in an industrially rugged solution. The modularity of the IP30 and the RFID-readiness of the Intermec mobile computers, mean that the power of RFID can be easily added today, or at any point in the future to support both in-premise and in-field applications, such as warehouse operations, enterprise asset management, in-transit-visibility, direct store delivery and exception handling.


  • Lightweight rugged design built for the field environment
  • IP64 rated construction
  • Rechargable LiIon battery provides ample power for a full shift
  • RFID UHF frequency band (1W)
  • Automatic sleep mode for maximum battery life
  • Designed for the Intermec CN3/CN3e, CN4/CN4e and CK3 computers
  • 12 Month Return to Base Warranty


Physical Characteristics
Height 215 mm
Width 100 mm
Length 196 mm(Bluetooth Version without Computer)
Weight 430g (including battery)
860g with CN3 Computer installed
883g with CK3 Computer installed
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0C to 50C
Storage Temperature -30C to 70C
Humidity 10 to 95% Non-Condensing
Shock 30 G, 11ms, half sine pulse(operating)
Vibration Quasi Random Vibration 17.5G RMS for 2 hours, on each of three axis
Battery Type LiIon
Battery Capacity 2400mAh?
Recharge Time 3 Hours
Frequency UHF
Antenna Linear Polarized
Standard Bluetooth and USB
Power External Battery Charger
Spare Battery
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Intermec IP30 Portable UHF RFID Reader (does not include batteries or mobile devices)
For Intermec CN3/CN3e
For Intermec CN4/CN4e
For Intermec CN70/CN70e
IP30B0BA017 IP30-BT-CN70 RL4, One Year Depot Maintenance $2,420.00 H
For Intermec CK3
IP30B0B7017 IP30-BT-CK3 RL4, One Year Depot Maintenance $2,420.00 H
For Intermec CK7x
IP30B0BB017 IP30-BT-CK7X RL4, One Year Depot Maintenance $2,420.00 H
[B] Battery
075082-002 Battery W/Boot Accessory,SR61/IP30 $176.00 H
[C] Battery Chargers
852-902-001 SR51 SR61 8 Bay Charger $1,287.00 C
852-907-001 Charger, 2 bay, SR61/IP30 (Charges SR61 batteries only. Order power supply 851-095-131 & power cord separately.) $550.00 H
852-908-001 Charger, 4 bay, SR61/IP30 (Order power supply 851-082-003/851-082-103/851-061-121 & power cord separately) $704.00 H
Dock Power Supply
851-082-003 Univ Power Supply, 12VDC 50W RoHS (NOT FOR USE IN NORTH AMERICA. SEE 851-082-203 FOR NORTH AMERICA USE.) #N/A H
2-5199-020-0 CA199-2 IEC Power to AU 3 pin Plug - 2m $11.00 3
[D] Accessories
203-980-001 Kit, Spare CN70 Adp Plate for IP30 $143.00 H
203-981-001 Kit, Spare CK7x Adp Plate for IP30 $143.00 H
[E] Maintenance
Pricing Available On Application