UMD - Model 125
Cash Drawer

The UMD Model 125 Series of computer cash drawers are solid drawers which can be used with computers, terminals and printers to form a computer based Point of Sale system. Interfaces include solenoid or trigger, provide flexibility of application. The Base (solenoid) drawer may be connected directly to POS printers. The Trigger version connects directly to a serial or parallel port.
  • 5 adjustable note compartments
  • 6 adjustable coin compartments
  • Removable insert
  • Base and trigger interface options
  • Keylock operated opening
  • Emergency drawer release (lever under drawer)
  • Solid metal construction
  • RS232 or parallel interface (trigger model only)
  • RJ12 Modular connector on Base Drawer to connect directly to a printer
  • 1 Insert supplied with each drawer


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions460 mm (w) x 460 mm (d) x 125 mm (h)
Weight11 kg
Note Compartments5 - Adjustable
Coin Compartments6 - Adjustable
Drawer LockYes - 2 Position
Emergency ReleaseYes
Media SlotsNo
Electrical Characteristics
Solenoid Rating18 - 24 V DC
Soleniod Resistance28.4 ohm
Status SwitchYes
StandardRJ-12 Modular - Direct Control
OptionalSerial - Internal Trigger
Serial - Internal Intelligent Trigger
Model 316 Serial External Trigger
Model 317 USB External Trigger
Lockable LidsYes
Coin DividersYes
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Base Cash Drawer
9-0125-100-1 M125-BM Base Cash Drawer with Modular Connector $275.00 U1
[B] Trigger Cash Drawer Interface (Requires cable)
9-0125-200-7 M125-T Trigger Cash Drawer $462.00 U1
9-0125-400-9 M125-I Intelligent Cash Drawer $550.00 U1
[C] USB Cash Drawer
9-0125-300-0 M125-U USB Trigger Cash Drawer $379.50 U1
[D] Accessories
6-0125-901-4 M125-IN Cash Drawer Insert $110.00 U1
6-0125-902-2 M125-LL Cash Drawer Lockable Lid $99.00 U1
6-0125-908-1 M125-CDK Coin Divider Kit $8.80 U1
1-6004-436-4 PS18D350L-D6 Plug Pack In-Line 18V 350mA $49.50 U3
1-6000-346-7 PS12D400W-D6 Plug Pack 12V/400mA $38.50 U3
[E] External Interfaces - for (B)ase Cash Drawer
9-0316-110-5 M316P-D9 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with RS232 D9 and Plug Pack $132.00 U3
M317B200 M317 Cash Drawer Trigger Module with USB Interface - Separate Cable $132.00 U3
[F] Cable Assemblies - for (T)rigger Cash Drawer
2-5158-020-9 CA158-2 M12x-T to D9S - 2m $33.00 U1
2-5178-020-7 CA178-2 M12x-T to D25S Serial $27.50 U1
2-5184-020-1 CA184-2 M12x-T to Term AUX $27.50 U1
[G] Cable Assemblies - for (I)ntelligent Cash Drawer
2-5211-020-1 CA211-2 D9S to D9S Serial - 2m $16.50 U1
2-5201-020-7 CA201-2 D9S to D25S Serial - 2m $27.50 U1
[H] Documentation
6-0125-992-5 DOC-M125-PD Product Description
6-0311-993-5 DOC-M311-UM Triggercash drawer User Manual (supplied with T Drawers)
7-5010-140-8 DOC-AN-140 Selection Guide - UMD Cash Drawers
AN-140 Cash Drawer Selection Guide