_UMD - Model 154, M233/Serial to USB
Interface Converter

The M154, M233/Serial to Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface uses a Virtual Serial Port Driver, making it appear to software like a standard RS232 Serial Port. This way existing POS Software can communicate with the Customer Display as though connected to a Serial Port. A unique serial number is assigned to each USB interface and and the Driver Software will assign the next available Serial Port to each device it recognises (multiple Displays can be used on one PC). The interface is designed to accept bi-directional communication with the customer display.


  • USB Interface to M233 Customer Display
  • USB to Serial adaptor, with optional D9 Gender Changer
  • Seen as "Virtual" Com device in Windows
  • Optional 12V/DC Power for the Serial device
  • 12 months warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Unique Micro Design


Dimensions80 (l) x 40 (w) x 25 (h) mm
Weight63g (including cable)
Operating25mA at 5V/DC
Suspend500uA at 5V/DC
USB Pass Through Power75mA at 5V/DC on Pin 9
Auxiliary12V/DC Regulated 500mA (as required for M233 Display)*
2.5 mm Centre Positive DC Socket
Supplied to Pin 1
Computer Interface
USB V1.1USB Type B connector (USB A-B cable Supplied)
Serial Interface
RS232DB9 Female Socket

* The power supplied into the DC socket is passed directly to Pin 1 of the DB9 connector,
for the use of the connected device. It does not need to be 12V, or necessarily regulated.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] M154
9-0154-100-8 M154-D9S D9S (M233) Serial to USB/Serial Interface $115.50 U3
9-0154-101-5 M154-D9P D9P Serial to USB/Serial Interface $121.00 U3
[B] Accessories
1-6040-010-8 PPI12RS3000-J25P Power Supply Switching 12V 3A $136.40 U3
2-5247-000-2 CA247 D9P to D9P - Adapter (Gender Changer) $5.50 U1
[C] Documentation
6-0154-993-6 DOC-M154-UM User Manual