_UMD - Model 280 Terminal Serial Wedge
Interface Converter

The UMD Model 280 and M281 Terminal Serial Wedge Interfaces insert serial data between a host computer and terminal. The Terminal Serial Wedge is a non intelligent active device which drives serial input data to the host at RS232 levels. The connected terminal communicates transparently with the host through the Serial Wedge. The input data is accepted by the host as if it were entered from the terminal. The Terminal Serial Wedge is ideally suited for interfacing hand held bar code scanners as it also provides power to these devices.


  • User selectable modes - half/full duplex
  • Transparent operation
  • Small size and low cost
  • Provides 5V DC power to attached barcode scanners
  • Power indicator
  • Can be customised to suit special requirements
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia by Unique Micro Design


Dimensions82 (w) x 111 (d) x 38 (h) mm
EnclosureMoulded ABS Plastic
ColourTwo tone (white/grey)
SourceVia External Plug Pack
(supplied with each unit)
Input Voltage7 - 10V DC
Input Current600mA (max) 100mA (typical)
Connector2.0mm DC Jack (centre -ve)
IndicatorLED power indicator
Communication Port
Host PortD25 Socket (DTE)
Terminal Port(1 metre cable included to terminal
Serial Wedge Port
Model 280D9 Plug (DTE)
Model 281D25 Plug (DCE)
Power Out+5V DC 500mA (max) for Scanners
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Model 280 Terminal Serial Wedge(Including Power Supply)
9-0280-200-9 M280-D9 K280 UMD Serial Wedge $209.00 U3
9-0281-200-4 M281-D25 K281 Serial Wedge with D25 I/F $209.00 U3
[B] Accessories
1-6000-260-7 PS9RS600W-F Plug Pack 9Vdc/600mA $27.50 U3
[C] Documentation
6-0280-992-7 DOC-M280-PD Product description
6-0280-993-5 DOC-M280-UM User Manual
9-6020-992-2 DOC-UMD6020-SC Standard Configuration (kit details with M280 and bardocereaders)