_UMD - Model 331 Custom LCD
Computer - Terminal

The UMD Model 331 Series Custom Desk Top LCD Terminals are part of the Unique Micro Design ProtoLink Architecture family of products. They have 20 fully programmable keys arranged in a 5 x 4 matrix. Low travel keyswitches with "tactile feel" are sealed behind a custom polycarbonate legend overlay or laminated adhesive paper for small volume applications. Each of the keys may be individually programmed with multiple keystroke sequences. Multiple shift levels are available for each key. 5 programmable LEDs are also available. This ensures total flexibility of layout and means it can be tailored to suit your software exactly. The Model 331 is housed in a wedge shaped plastic enclosure .

The Model 331 Series also feature inbuilt keyboard wedge, two serial ports, backlit LCD display magnetic card reader interface and bar code decoder. This means all your requirements are integrated into a single, space saving package. The liquid crystal display (LCD) incorporates 2 lines of 16 characters. In serial mode, data is sent via the serial port. All interfacing is provided via a DB25 socket (other options available). A plug pack is required to power the terminal in serial mode. In keyboard mode, 5V DC is supplied from the PC. A serial connection is still required to the PC to direct data to the display.

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  • 20 individually programmed keys
  • Multiple shift levels
  • In-built keyboard wedge and 2 serial ports
  • 5 programmable LED indicators
  • In-built Bar Code decoder
  • Programmed via keyboard or serial port
  • Backlit LCD display (2 lines by 16 characters)
  • No switches to be tampered with
  • Internal buzzer
  • Customisation service available
  • 12 Months warranty


Physical size140 (w) x 195 (d) x 35 at front, 58 rear (h) mm.
Enclosure/WeightABS Plastic / 0.5kg with standard DB25 connector
Power sourceVia keyboard interface or external plug pack (5Vdc optional 9Vdc)
Keyboard interfacePC, AT or PS/2 protocol (others available upon request)
Key matrix20 in 4 x 5 matrix
Reliability1,000,000 operations
Display UnitLiquid Crystal Display with LED backlight, 2 lines by 16 characters
3 mm character height
LED Indicators5 user LEDís amber color user programmable
Serial interfaceTwo RS-232C (DTE) ports
Baud rates300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K
HandshakeDTR, XON/XOFF
Bar Code DecoderDigital wand type
SymbologiesCode 128, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5 and EAN/UPC

Obsolete Product Line - Contact UMD Sales for Alternatives