_UMD - Model 363
Multi-Serial Keyboard Wedge - Interface Converter

The UMD Model 363 Series Multi serial/ keyboard wedges are part of the Unique Micro Design ProtoLink Architecture family of products. The Model 363 Series feature inbuilt keyboard wedge, two serial ports, magnetic card reader interface and bar code decoder. An optional Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of 2 lines by 16 characters and a 1 or 2 track magnetic card reader are also available. In serial mode data is sent via the serial port and a plug pack is required to power the Model 363 . In keyboard mode 5V DC is supplied from the PC. A serial connection is still required to the PC if the optional display is used.

Due to the flexibility of programming, the M363 is ideally suited to applications including a low cost bar code reader, keyboard wedge with dual serial ports and PC keyboard to ASCII serial converter.

Obsolete Product Line - Contact UMD Sales for Alternatives

  • Keyboard wedge with 2 serial ports
  • In-built Bar Code decoder
  • Optional Magnetic Card Reader, 1 or 2 track
  • Programmed via keyboard or serial port (also via bar codes when
  • using a bar code reader).
  • Optional backlit LCD display (2 lines by 16 characters)
  • No switches to be tampered with
  • Internal buzzer
  • 12 Months warranty


Dimensions (mm)180(w) x 120(d) x 45(h)
Enclosure/WeightABS Plastic, two tone white/grey, 400 grams
Power sourceVia keyboard interface or external plug pack (9VDC)
Keyboard interfacePC, AT or PS/2 protocol (others available upon request)
Serial interfaceTwo RS-232C DB9 plug (DTE) ports Pin 7, 5 Volt supply for bar code scanners
Baud rates300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K
HandshakeDTR, XON/XOFF
Bar Code DecoderDigital wand type, Squeeze to release AMP D9 Plug
SymbologiesCode 128, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5 and EAN/UPC, auto discrimination
Liquid Crystal Display (option)2 lines by 16 characters (LED back light)
Located on opposite panel from connectors

Obsolete Product Line - Contact UMD Sales for Alternatives