_UMD - Model 364
Keyboard Wedge - Interface Converter

The UMD Model 364 keyboard wedge provides a serial port between a PC and its keyboard. Operation is transparent to the normal function of the keyboard. Serial data is accepted by the PC, as if typed on the keyboard. This means there is no need to upgrade software when adding bar code scanners or magnetic card readers to a system. The serial port is configured to accept asynchronous RS232 input at a baud rate of 9600. The M364 is designed for AT and PS/2 systems, however options are available for XT and IBM 3180/3196/3197 family. Other options are available on request.

Obsolete Product Line - Contact UMD Sales for Alternatives

  • Converts RS232 serial input into keyboard format
  • Transparent operation
  • Power supplied from PC via keyboard port
  • AT & PS/2 compatible
  • XT, IBM 3180/96/97 and other options available


Dimensions (mm)67(w) x 93(d) x 38(h)
ColourTwo tone white/grey
Weight125 grams
Serial InterfaceRS232 / UMD D9 Plug
Keyboard InterfacePC AT MF-2

Obsolete Product Line - Contact UMD Sales for Alternatives