UMD - Model MP1281
Temperature Monitoring System

The UMD Model MP1281 is a Temperature Monitoring System designed to monitor Temperature profiles of Computer/Machine Rooms, or small buildings.

Four Strings of up to eight ‘daisy chained’ Temperature Sensors give a maximum of 32 Nodes.
Each Temperature Sensor is easily identified due to a unique ID.
Input Sensors (e.g. to read a Door switch) are also available.

To ease installation the interconnections are realised by Cat5, RJ45 patch cables.


  • Serial Interface
  • Four strings can be daisy chained allowing a maximum of 32 Nodes
  • Each sensor has a Unique ID
  • 12 month Warranty


Dimensions (PCB) 90 x 80 x 25 mm
Enclosures 1) Plastic
2) 19' Rackmount
Voltage Input 9 - 12 VDC
Current Input 200 mA (peak)
Channels 4
Sensors/Channel 8
Sensor Types End of chain type (Only 1 per Channel)
Daisy chain type
Interface RS 232 D9 Connector (DCE)
(As per UMD TS-102)
Protocol ASCII @ 9600,8,n,1
Visual Green LED - Sensor/s connected
Red LED - channel active
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] MP1281
Engineering support is available on this product. Contact UMD for details.