UMD - MP3090
IoT Controller

The UMD MP3090 IoT Controller PCB is a micro-controller based circuit board designed for the remote configuration and control of solenoid devices. The MP3090 is able to trigger two 24V solenoids on demand through USB, WiFi or optional Ethernet. The USB option can be configured to be either USB Client or USB Host.

In addition to these primary capabilities the MP3090 includes 10 General Purpose I/O pins for Auxiliary functions. These pins can be configured as UART, SPI interface, general digital use with many permutations.

A "unique" feature of the UMD Model MP3090 is the ability to be configure via a web browser which accesses the internal settings, including updating firmware and applications (embedded-apps).

The MP3090 is a UMD hardware platform product used in many projects where a low-cost versatile controller is required.

Please contact our Sales Team, UMD Sales to discuss how the MP3060 can be used in your application.

Standard UMD Products Based On The MP3090

  • UMD Model 320 Universl Trigger Module
  • UMD Model 850 DIN Mount 2 Port UHF Reader/Controller


  • USB Client/USB Host, WiFi and Ethernet Interface Options
  • USB-C or DC Connector power input
  • Power LED to indicate device is active
  • 2 x 24V solenoid outputs with status feedback on Trigger 1
  • 10 General Purpose I/O Pins
  • Configurable through USB or with a simple browser connection via WiFi or Ethernet
  • 12 month Warranty


Assembled PCB 91 (w) x 50 (d) x 15 (h) mm
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C
Storage Temperature -20C to +70C
Input Voltage 5V/DC with USB-C Cable 10%
8-24V/DC with optional DC connector
Current Consumption 300 mA @ 5V/DC, depending on configuration
Interface Options
Standard USC-C, Host/Client
Optional WiFi, Ethernet
Solenoid Control 2x 24V Capacitor Driven Pulse outputs, 1 Status input for trigger 1
GPIO 10x General Purpose Auxiliary Digital Input/Outputs
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] MP3090 IOT Controller
3-3090-100-5 MP3090-W PCBA M320 USB Cash Drawer Trigger (With WiFi on board) $66.00 U3
3-3090-101-4 MP3090-E PCBA M320 Ethernet Cash Drawer Trigger(With USB and WiFi on board) $121.00 U3
Engineering support is available on this product including interfacing. Contact UMD Sales for details.
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