_UMD - S180
EFTLink™ EFTPOS Interface Software

Unique Micro Design’s Model S180 Series EFTLink™ EFTPOS Terminal Interface Software is a PC software product that adds Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) capability to any PC/DOS or Win32® based point of sale application program.

  • Simply interfaces EFT with POS applications to minimise costly keying errors and increase customer throughput.
  • Open DOS or Win32® / PC based program.
  • Uses existing POS printer and optional customer display, increasing available desk space and speed of printing.
  • Simple installation - no cards to add, requires standard serial port for connection to pin pad.
  • DOS product has very low base memory requirement of 7K bytes.
  • Operates exclusively on the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's EFTPOS network and COMM2000™ or Ingenico i5110 EFTPOS terminals (which are supplied by the Bank).
  • Up to 16 EFTPOS terminals may be connected to one telephone line.
  • Handles majority of debit and credit cards, including 'cash outs'.
  • Merchant does not need to bank with the Commonwealth Bank.
  • UMD manages the certification process of the combined POS application/EFTLink™ software with the Commonwealth Bank.
  • Low cost.
  • Developed by Unique Micro Design Pty Ltd.
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] EFTLink™ - Kit Prices (includes cables)
S180-D9 EFTLink for DOS - Software Licence with D9 serial cable $393.68 U6
S180-D25 EFTLink for DOS - Software Licence with D25 serial cable $393.68 U6
S181-D9 EFTLink for Windows - Software Licence with D9 serial cable $393.68 U6
S181-D25 EFTLink for Windows - Software Licence with D25 serial cable $393.68 U6
[B] Replacement Parts
2-6192-000-0 CA6192 COMM2000 to D9S (EFTLink Cable) $27.50 U1
2-6192-030-7 CA6192-3 COMM2000 to D9S (EFTLink Cable) 3m $27.50 U1
2-6320-010-0 CA6320 EFTLink Ingenico Cable (PC D9) $27.50 U1
[C] Documentation
9-3180-992-1 DOC-S180-PD Product Description
9-3180-996-3 DOC-S180-BR Colour Brochure
7-5030-148-8 DOC-SF-148 Merchant Software License Agreement
[D] Notes:
EFTLink does not include the supply of the EFTPOS Terminal. This is supplied by the Commonwealth bank by calling 1-800-023-900.