_Skyetek - M1 Mini

The SkyeModule™ M1-mini provides a low power, high performance, and cost effective platform designed to enable any device with RFID reader technology. Smaller than a US Quarter, the M1-Mini is the world’s smallest, self-contained multi-protocol 13.56 MHz OEM module. In essence, it is a multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs

The SkyeModule M1-mini runs on SkyeTek Firmware, the brains behind all SkyeTek readers, easing integration and providing customers with a significant cost-performance advantage.

Based on the same Advanced Universal Reader Architecture (AURA) used by all SkyeTek RFID readers, the SkyeModule M1-mini offers customers investment protection through a flexible, forward-compatible platform that will support future tag protocols, security features, and customized enhancements.


  • Tagnostic, Variety of Tag Vendor Choices
  • Simple and Intuitive API
  • Efficient HW/ SW Design
  • Easy to Embed
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fast Integration / Time to Market
  • Low Cost and Small Size
  • UART (TTL), I2C, SPI
  • Configurable Power Schema
Key Function World's smallest HF OEM reader module
Frequency HF

ISO 15693
ISO 14443A

Size diameter of U.S. quarter 25.4 mm
Effective Range 5.8 cm - 8.5 cm
Security: Proprietary X
Security: Standards-based -
Security: Extensible -
USB Host Connection -
External Antenna X
Internal Antenna -
Multiple Antennas (MUX support) -
Access Control and Payment -
Item-Level Inventory -
Patron Management X
Product Authentication X
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Skyetek M1 Mini Module
1-9041-010-8 M1-mini (Serial) RFID HF Module (100mW) with Serial I/F $154.00 E
[B] Accessories
1-9042-020-6 MUX-4H Antenna Multiplexor - HF - 4 channels $341.00 E
1-9042-030-5 MUX-8H Antenna Multiplexor - HF - 8 channels $506.00 E
1-9043-050-2 SP-AN-04-HF HF Antenna (8x9cm) (M2/M4) $110.00 E
1-9043-060-1 SP-AN-01-HF HF Antenna M1/Mini $187.00 E
[C] Development Kits
1-9040-010-9 DK-MN Development Kit for M1 Mini $1,276.00 L2
First time users must purchase a Development Kit, as this include all documentation and software. Modules and components are supplied on an OEM basis and include no documentation.