Skyetek - M4

The SkyeModule M4 is a feature-rich, easy-to-use HF RFID reader module specially designed to serve three distinct market applications: product authentication, access control and contactless payment.

The SkyeModule M4 provides industry-leading security and sophisticated features normally associated with much more expensive readers at a ground-breaking price. It's small size and intelligent software ease integration and provide customers with a significant cost-performance advantage.

Specialized Firmware Tailored to Fulfill Specific Market Applications

Product Authentication: Delivering industry-leading privacy protection and anti-counterfeiting / anti-tampering through standards-based securtiy methods including, AES encryption and digital signature support. Strong security can be implemented on generic tags, saving 60 to 70 percent over proprietary tags.

Access Control: Supports standards 14443A and !444B as well as proprietary security solutions, such as MIFARE and DESFire

Contactless Payment: Support for all major providers: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa


  • An open, flexible architecture that is forward compatible and hi ghly scalable, provides unparalleled investment protection.
  • Tagnostic® support for more ISO 15693 and 14443 A/B tags than any other comparable reader.
  • TagIQ™ recognizes the unique characteristics of each tag so that read/write performance is maximized.
  • C-API abstracts, simplifies, and automates obscure tag and protocol specific functions, eliminating the need for specific RFID programming expertise
  • Small footprint - about area of three postage stamps
  • Best-in-class output power (200mW) and noise reduction technology
  • Minimal power consumption
  • UART (TTL) Host Interface
  • Four General Purpose I/O
Key Function Specialized functionality for market applications
Frequency HF
Protocols ISO 15693
ISO 14443A/B (parts 1-3)
firmware selectable
Size size of 4 small postage stamps
39 x 36 x 11.5 mm
Effective Range 4.5 cm - 14 cm
Security: Proprietary X
Security: Standards-based X
Security: Extensible -
USB Host Connection -
External Antenna X
Internal Antenna X
Multiple Antennas (MUX support) -
Access Control and Payment X
Item-Level Inventory -
Patron Management -
Product Authentication X
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Skyetek M4 Module
1-9041-030-6 M4-MH-A RFID HF Module with MH ISO14443 $220.00 E
1-9041-031-3 M4-MH-P $220.00 E
[B] Accessories
Interface Board
1-9042-010-7 HPiB HP Interface Board $550.00 E
1-9043-050-2 SP-AN-04-HF HF Antenna (8x9cm) (M2/M4) $110.00 E
Antenna Co-Ax Cables
2-9019-005-4 CA9019-0.5 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug -0.5m $44.00 U1
2-9019-010-8 CA9019-1 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug 1m $49.50 U1
2-9019-015-3 CA9019-1.5 Coax Cable, RG58, SMA Plug/SMA Plug 1.5m $49.50 U1
[C] Components
1-0075-024-9 DF11Z-24DS-2V Conn, Header Skt, SMT 2mm Hirose, 24 way $2.64 C
[D] Development Kits
1-9040-030-7 DK-M4 Development Kit for M4 $1,287.00 L2
First time users must purchase a Development Kit, as this include all documentation and software. Modules and components are supplied on an OEM basis and include no documentation.