EFTPOS Plus Modular LAN Outlet

The UMD Model P180 - EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN Outlet is a cost effective pre-built component which enables you to interconnect your Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS PLUS multi-drop terminals without the need to contract an Austel approved electrician.

Each EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN Outlet enables connection of two EFTPOS PLUS terminals to a shared K74 EFTPOS modem.

Upto to 16 EFTPOS Terminals can share one modem by adding EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN Outlets connected together with Link Cables.


  • Simple installation - no electrician required
  • Each EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN Outlet connects upto 2 EFTPOS terminals
  • Upto 16 EFTPOS Plus terminals can be connected to one Modem
  • 12 months return to base warranty
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN Outlet
9-6900-180-3 P180 EFTPOS LAN Terminal Box $99.00 U1
[B] EFTPOS Plus Modular LAN Link Cable
2-6073-010-5 CA6073-1 Modular Patch RJ45 - 1m (Blue) $2.20 U1
2-6073-020-1 CA6073-2 Modular Patch RJ45 - 2m (Blue) $3.30 U1
2-6073-030-3 CA6073-3 Modular Patch RJ45 - 3 (Blue) $4.40 U1
2-6073-050-1 CA6073-5 Modular Patch RJ45 - 5m (Blue) $6.60 U1
2-6073-100-9 CA6073-10 Modular Patch RJ45 - 10m (Blue) $11.00 U1
2-6073-150-4 CA6073-15 Modular Patch RJ45 - 15m (Blue) $16.50 U1
2-6073-200-6 CA6073-20 Modular Patch RJ45 - 20 (Blue) $22.00 U1
2-6073-300-3 CA6073-30 Modular Patch RJ45 - 30m (Blue) $27.50 U1
2-6073-400-0 CA6073-40 Modular Patch RJ45 - 40m (Blue) $33.00 U1
2-6073-500-7 CA6073-50 Modular Patch RJ45 - 50m (Blue) $44.00 U1
Custom length cables are also available. Please contact UMD Sales for quotation.
[C] Application Note and Order Form
UMD Application Note 173: UMD P180 EFTPOS PLUS Modular LAN System and Order Form can be downloaded here(in PDF format).