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The Simple Payment Service (SPS) is a payment platform specifically designed for conducting credit card transactions in a mobile friendly way.

SPS allows a Merchant to initiate a Credit Card transaction via SMS, using any Internet connected device.

SPS requires minimal infrastructure to operate:

  • Merchant’s simply require an internet connected device capable of operating a web browser in order to initiate a transaction.
  • Credit Card Holder (CCH) completes the transaction on their own smartphone.
  • An ‘SMS’ text message containing a secure and unique link which allows the ‘CCH’ to conduct their transaction directly with a certified secure and trusted payment service provider (Cardgate.Net) without ever exposing their credit card details

SPS does not require a payment terminal and can either be used in a stand alone form or integrated directly into your transaction software via an API (Application Program Interface).

Features and Benefits

For the Merchant:

  • No payment terminal required, only a web enabled mobile device or PC with internet connection (fixed or mobile).
  • Merchant only requires a mobile phone number to initiate the payment.
  • The Merchant retains the ‘CCH’ mobile number in case further contact is required or potential for marketing activities. (T&C’s required).
  • Merchant never sees, handles or stores the ‘CCH’ card details mitigating privacy record retention risks.
  • Transactions are securely conducted using the services of a full certified ‘PCI-DSS‘, trusted payment providers (

For the Credit Card Holder:

  • Payment utilises the ‘CCH's’ own web enabled smartphone or SIM enabled mobile device.
  • 'CCH’ interacts directly with a certified and trusted payment service provider. (Cardgate.Net)
  • Unique encrypted transaction link allows the ‘CCH’ to securely enter their card details directly with the payment service provider.
  • Once complete the link provides the ‘CCH’ access to their transaction receipt information.
  • ‘CCH’ never reveals their card details to Merchant only a mobile phone number.

Operating Modes

SPS can be used to:

  • Directly process credit card payments for a defined amount set by the Merchant.
  • Pre-authorised payments which can be closed at some later stage at some lesser amount.
  • Notify a CCH to process a payment or pre-payment (pre-authorisation) at some future scheduled date.

The SPS API (Application Program Interface) version is used to Integrates SPS payments into software products including Kiosk and Vending machines

No Special Terminal Required

A key feature of SPS is that no special payment terminal is required by the Merchant, as theMerchant does not require the CCH Credit Card, only their Smartphone mobile phonenumber.

  • The CCH enter their own Credit Card details on their own secure Smartphone
  • This also means that any Internet connected mobile device can be used to process credit card payments

Who Would Use SPS?

  • Any field services / sales organisation that needs to take payments out in the field.
  • Any Merchants that takes bookings. SPS can be used obtain pre-payments before the service is delivered.
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (Moto) Merchants, only need to collect mobile phone numbers to facilitate payments.
  • Any Merchants that have any unknown variable transactaction that cannot be processed until the end of the transaction.

Minimise Risk

  • By using UMD.SPS the merchant is able to reduce the potential risk of non-payment associated with the advanced preparation of goods and services e.g. phone orders.
  • Pre-authorisation means, the Merchant is able to validate and reserve payment, prior to preparing or delivering goods and services to the Cardholder.
  • For variable amounts Merchants can finalise the transaction, once the full details are known, without further friction to the Cardholder.
  • ‘SPS’ also helps to reduce the risk to the cardholder by;
  • Using the cardholder’s own smart device and preventing their details being exposed.
  • The smart device connects to an independent security certified payment service provider (merchant never sees the Credit Card)
  • The cardholder’s details are optionally stored on their own personal device. e.g. e-wallets for future transactions.

The Purpose of UMS.SPS is to:

  • Reduce the risk of non-payments for goods and service prepared in advance by a merchant.
  • Remove the need for a separate certified payment terminal.
  • Support the trend in the financial payment market, towards "B.Y.O. Device“.
  • The Simply Payment Service ‘SPS’ is designed to utilise existing, trusted and reliable infrastructure to conduct the payment over.
  • While the SPS system utilises the cardholder's own smart phone, it does not require the cardholder to download and install any specialised application on to their device.
  • Rather it utilise in built applications such as;
  • web browser, SMS messaging & password vault.


The technology implemented for SPS allows the merchant to either:

  • Operate the system on basic infrastructure completely independently from a POS system, or
  • Integrated the UMD.SPS directly into the POS depending on their requirements.

UMD.SPS comprises of the following components;

  • The SPS cloud service which provides the business logic and web portals for the merchant to enter transaction details.
  • Payment Service Provider for secure credit card transaction processing
  • A merchant Facility with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (note you do not need to bank with the CBA), &
  • An Optional Electronic Voucher Terminals ('EVT') for stand alone operation or seamless integration into a POS System.

Typical Work Flow

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