UMD - SPS Mobile
Simple Payment Service for Mobile Payments

Initiate a payment request by your smartphone

SPS Mobile enables any Merchant with an Internet connected smartphone to initiate a credit card (CC) payment request which only requires the credit card holder (CCH) mobile phone number, thus never exposing the CC details to you.

The CCH will receive an expected SMS and link, to a secure payment page where they will enter their CC details via their own mobile device (i.e digital wallet) to complete the transaction. Following the payment, the original SMS link is used to access the receipt.

SPS is part of BOS, a “Basic Ordering System”

UMD’s Basic Ordering System (BOS) is a multi-function, multi-channel, micro eCommerce platform.

  • Multi-function: Sell products, services, e-tickets, vouchers and cashless vouchers
  • Multi-channel: Sell online, via kiosk, multiple branded sites, smartphones, API
  • Micro-eCommerce: UMD hosted, no programming required and integrates into UMD Edge Solutions

BOS Combines

  • All in one platform
  • Sell more everywhere
  • Simple to use
  • API’s for application developers
  • Integrates with UMD Edge Solutions (ticket patron access, POS integration cashless, voucher redemption)

Who Would Use SPS?

  • Any field services / sales organisation that needs to take payments out in the field.
  • Any Merchants that takes bookings. SPS can be used obtain pre-payments before the service is delivered.
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (Moto) Merchants, only need to collect mobile phone numbers to facilitate payments.
  • Any Merchants that have any unknown variable transaction that cannot be processed until the end of the transaction.


  • Initiate payment by mobile phone
  • Client pays by their mobile phone
  • Complete customer data privacy
  • No app installation required
  • No special hardware required
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
AP-BOS-SPS-101-CPE BOS/Simple Payment Service - Configuration & Setup $429.00 P
SP-BOS-SPS-101-TPM BOS/Simple Payment Service - Transaction per Payment (billed monthly) $0.55 S