Zebra - ZeOn-demand RFID
High Temperature Indicators

The Zebra ZeOn-demand RFID High Temperature Indicators (HTI) provide an easy-to-read environmental indicator on a thermal printable label, with the added capability of reading environmental insights using any RFID reader from existing RFID infrastructure.

When a predefined high temperature has been exceeded, a physical change occurs. The changes from environmental exposure is permanent and may be read by existing UHF RFID infrastructure. Simply print asset identification data alongside the environmental indicator to provide an all-in-one solution for effective workflows.

Zebra ZeOn-demand can withstand and remain functional in extreme conditions even after immediate exposure to high temperatures. It combines an environmental indicator with on-demand thermal printing of variable text and barcodes along with RFID. Zebra ZeOn-demand HTIs are an all-in-one solution to get product identification and environmental exposure information, fast.


  • Environmental exposure monitoring, even at high temperatures
  • Visual and RFID-readable indicators
  • Print variable text and barcodes directly on the label
  • Readable without line of sight with any RFID reader
  • Integrates into existing workflows


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions4 x 2.5
MaterialThermal Transfer Synthetic
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature40C
Storage Temperature≤30C
Communication Characteristics
Chip TypeNXP G2iL+
Memory ConfigurationEPC 128 bits
TID 64 bits
No User memory
32 bit unique serial number
Read Range8.5m - 10m

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Zebra Ze-On demand High Temperature Indicators
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