Epson - TM-C100 Series
POS Inkjet Printer

The EPSON TM-C100 features high performance full colour printing using 4 colour pigment ink for a waterproof and permanent result, great for creating a variety of mediums to communicate with customers. A special Mono version of this printer is also available.

A versatile printer, which can be used with selectable paper and labels for a broad range of applications, for added convenience, the TM-C100 can create tickets, coupons, price tags, vouchers, membership cards and gift cards. Two models are available, with either roll paper and auto cutter or an auto sheet feeder (ASF) for various business uses.

The TM-C100 is specifically designed for business use, with a highly durable, compact design for added practicality. At only 10 x 20cm it is perfect for on demand in store printing where space is vital.

For fast, precise images and barcodes, the TM-C100 features a precision nozzle to produce a high concentration of uniform dots and designed specifically for the retail market.


  • Full colour printing
  • Utilises pigment inks, providing waterproof and lightfast performance
  • High speed output, up-to 35 mm/sec
  • Handles a variety of papers and labels roll and sheet feed
  • Small footprint, with a width of only 210 mm
  • Drop in paper load
  • High Reliability with a MCBF rating of 70 million lines
  • Full Cut paper cutter
  • 12 Months Return to Base Warranty

Physical Characteristics
Roll Paper Model
Cut Sheet Model

210 (w) x 152 (h) x 345 (d)mm
210 (w) x 245 (h) x 367 (d)mm
Weight2.0 Kg
Receipt Printer
Print method: SEA-Jet180 x 180 dpi - 360 x 360 dpi
Copy capacityOne original
Print Font
CharactersWindows Fonts Only
BarcodesMust be sent as graphic data
StandardUSB, OPoS-ADK
Print speed
(at 60 mm print width)
High Speed:
Fine Fast:
Fine Fine:
180 x 180 dpi 35 mm/s
360 x 180 dpi 20 mm/s
360 x 360 dpi 6.3 mm/s
360 x 360 dpi 3.2 mm/s
Paper Specifications
Paper TypesNormal paper, fine paper, matte paper, endless borderless adhesive label paper
Roll Paper SizeWidth: 45 105 mm
Diameter max: 90 mm
Core size: 38 mm
Thickness: 0.06 - 0.23 mm / 52,3 200 g/m2
Cut Sheet Paper Size55 - 135 mm (width) x 85 - 210 mm (length)
Thickness: 0.08 - 0.25 mm / 64 220 g/m2
Ink Cartridge
Capacity660 Colour tickets (8.5% coverage of 100 x 280 mm)
Life2 years shelf life
6 moths once opened
Input24VDC +/- 10% *
Consumption11 - 13 watt Operating
1 watt Standby
MTBF180,000 hours
MCBF30 mio. lines
350,000 cuts of normal paper
O/S RequiremantsWindows 2000 Prof. SP4 or higher, Windows XP Prof. SP1 or higher
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Epson TM-C100 Series
Colour Printer
9-5016-060-1 TM-C100 Color Printer with Roll Holder #N/A A
9-5016-061-8 TM-C100ASF Color Printer with Automatic Sheet Feeder #N/A A
Mono Printer
9-5016-062-5 TM-C100ASF-M Mono Printer with Automatic Sheet Feeder #N/A A
[B] Accessories
9-5019-110-0 SU-C1RL TM-C100 Roll Paper Holde #N/A
9-5019-111-7 SUC1AS TM-C100 Auto Sheet Feeder #N/A
[C] Consumables - Ink Cartridges
9-9302-090-0 SJIC9-P Epson Ink Cartridge for C100 - 4 Color $79.20 C
9-9302-100-6 SJIC10P-K Epson Ink Cartridge for C100 - Black (Mono) $81.40 C
[D] Consumables - Media
Normal Roll Paper
9-9644-101-6 ENP105-090 Normal roll paper - 105mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $52.80 C
9-9644-102-3 ENP076-090 Normal roll paper - 76mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $48.40 C
Normal Roll Labels
9-9644-201-3 ELN105-090 Normal roll label - 105mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $187.00 C
9-9644-202-0 ELN090-090 Normal roll label - 90mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $200.20 C
9-9644-203-7 ELN076-090 Normal roll label - 76mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $168.30 C
Fine Roll Paper
9-9644-301-0 EFP105-090 Fine roll paper - 105mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $78.10 C
9-9644-302-7 EFP076-090 Fine roll paper - 76mm x 90 mm (3 roll pack) $66.00 C
Matte Roll Paper
9-9644-401-7 EAP105-090 Matte roll paper - 105mm x 76mm (3 roll pack) $119.90 C
9-9644-402-4 EAP076-090 Matte roll paper - 76mm x 90mm (3 roll pack) $96.80 C
Normal Card Paper
9-9644-501-4 ENS105-148 Normal card paper - 105mm x 148mm (500 sheets) $39.60 C
Fine card paper
9-9644-601-1 EFS105-148 Fine card paper - 105mm x 148mm (250 sheets) $36.30 C