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Business Solutions Group

Unique Micro Design (UMD) Business Solutions Group supports Resellers, Systems Integrators (SI), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Customers in the design, development and deployment of edgeware solutions. These solutions are based around automatic identification and data capture systems (AIDC) and intelligent sensor networks, including Internet of Things (IoT) for a wide range of applications within the supply chain.

Edgeware solutions provides data capture and interfacing of fixed and mobile devices in and around the “Edge”. Due to the growing complexity of “Edgeware” and integration, specialised skills are required to collect, manage and interface data between terminal devices and the enterprise software application. Much of the work requires unique knowledge and skills in the terminal device, protocols, interfacing, networking, wireless, physics and electronics.

This can be summarised by UMD’s engineering IoT solutions skills, which reflect our ability to:

  • Design and Manufacture IoT devices and Interface electronics.
  • Source and integrate terminal products from UMD’s key agencies.
  • Support through UMD’s professional, Engineering, Software and Support services

Unique Micro Design understands that systems are becoming more complex and the demand is growing for an effective solution. Therefore UMD is continuing to focus on progressively eliminating the frequent confusion and complexity by implementing a ‘Full Stack’ solution.

UMDs’ ‘Full Stack’ solution is using the latest Edgeware and IoT technology that combines as key components and works as harmonious subsystems that seamlessly integrate your Software, Infrastructure, Devices and Services all together.

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