Sick - CLV600 Series
Industrial Laser Bar Code Reader

The CLV600 Series are a range of laser bar code scanners used to automatically detect and decode bar codes in a stationary reading station, eg. objects on conveyer belts.The CLV600 Series are the most powerful scanners of its size on the market today. The compact design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, without sacrificing speed or dependability.

An integrated scanner and decoder provides a very high throughput and the CLV unique, patented technology can use a simple, bar code scanner-specific reflector as a scanning trigger. This "Reflector Polling" eliminates the need for extra devices such as photoelectric sensors. Ideal applications for the CLV include automated medical instrumentation products for test tube tracking and pharmaceutical label/product verification. Rugged, diecast zinc housing gives the CLV lasting durability, while precision optics and powerful electronics maximise reliability. All parameters of the CLV Series, including minimum reading distance, bar code resolution, scan frequency, bar code label specifications, and data format, are selectable via included Windows-based software. This capability allows you to harness the power of the CLV to your specific application.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide Power Supply Voltage Range
  • Compact Rugged Housing
  • Multiple Simultaneous Barcode Reading
  • Multi angle read ability
  • Available in fixed, Raster, Multiple, Dynamic and Auto Range Versions
  • Quick adaptation to your application
  • Flexible integration even in highly sophisticated machines
  • Insensitive to ambient light and glare
  • Highest availability
  • High reliability
  • 12 Month Warranty


Physical Characteristics
Front Window:
Side Window:
Oscillating Mirror Hood

61 (d) x 66 (w) x 38(h) mm
38 (d) x 66 (w) x 80(h) mm

61 (d) x 96 (w) x 38(h) mm
38 (d) x 96 (w) x 80(h) mm
41 (d) x 107 (w) x 95(h) mm

61 (d) x 96 (w) x 38(h) mm
38 (d) x 96 (w) x 80(h) mm
41 (d) x 107 (w) x 95(h) mm

61 (d) x 96 (w) x 38(h) mm
41 (d) x 107 (w) x 95(h) mm
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature0 to 40C
Storage Temperature-20 to 70C
Max. Relative Humidity90%(non-condensing)
HousingAluminum die-cast/light blue (acc. to RAL 5012)
IP65 to DIN, IP30 to Ethernet
Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage10 - 30 VDC18 - 30 VDC
Power Consumption4.5 W, Typical5-6 W, Typical5-6.5 W, Typical8.5-9.5 W, Typical
Optical Specifications
Light Source655 nm Visible Red LED
Scanning Frequency400 to 1,200 Hz600 to 1,000 Hz
Ambient Light Immunity2000 lx
Resolution0.15 - 1.00 mm
(Type Dependant)
0.2 - 1.00 mm
(Type Dependant)
0.25 - 1.00 mm
(Type Dependant)
Print Contrast Ratio60%
Depth of Field
(Type and Resolution Depandant)
Short Range:54 - 200 mm
Mid Range:54 - 355 mm
Long Range:70 - 750 mm
Short Range:60 - 290 mm
Mid Range:95 - 495 mm
Long Range:95 - 780 mm
Dynamic Resolution
Standard:90 - 340 mm
High Density:40 - 290 mm
Auto Focus
Standard:150 - 1500 mm
Low Density:250 - 650 mm
Decoding Capability
SymbologiesCode 39, Code 128, Code 93, Codabar, EAN, EAN 128, UPC, 2/5 Interleaved, Pharmacode
Number of Barcodes/ScanStandard decoder 1 to 20
SMART/SMART620 decoder 1 to 6
Barcode LengthMax. 50 Characters
Number of Multiple Reads

1 - 50

Optical6 LED's, 10 LED Bar Graph
AcousticBeeper / Buzzer
Interfaces"Host" Data Interface: RS232 / RS422/485 or Ethernet
"CAN" Data Interface: CANopen Protocol, CAN Scanner Network(10baseT, TCP/IP, FTP)
ConnectorsStandard Serial: 15-pin D Sub HD Connector, cable length 0.9m
Ethernet: M12 4-Pin Ethernet Socket and M12 12-Pin Plug for power supply, triggering, auxiliary interfaces and CAN bus
EMCEmission of interference: acc. to EN 61000-6-3, immunity to interference: acc. to EN 61000-6-2
Vibration/ShockAcc. to EN 60068-2-6/acc. to EN 60068-2-27

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Sick CLV620 Range Industrial Fixed Line Barcode Readers
1040288 CLV620-0000 Industrial Scanner, Mid Range, Front Line, Standard HD15 $2,057.00 C
[B] Sick CLV630 Range Industrial Fixed and Oscilating Line Barcode Readers
1041987 CLV631-6120 Industrial Scanner, Oscillating Mirror, Side Reading Window, Ethernet (2 x M12), 55-400mm, Mid Range $3,839.00 C
[C] Sick CLV640 Range Industrial Fixed and Oscilating Line Barcode Readers
1042014 CLV640-0000 Industrial Scanner $3,520.00 C
[D] Sick CLV650 Range Industrial Fixed and Oscilating Line Barcode Readers
1042121 CLV650-0120 Industrial Scanner $4,400.00 C
1042124 CLV650-6000 Line, Oscillating mirror $4,928.00 C
[E] Notes
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