Selection Guide
RFID Tag Applications

This selection guide is not complete, and is only designed to provide a starting point in the selection of RFID tags and is constantly being updated.

RFID tag selection is the key starting point in developing a RFID project.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] BIN (for attaching to wheelie bins with standard thread for RFID tag)
9-9860-030-5 698103-102G RFID UHF Bin Tag $2.86 C
[B] Concrete - UHF (for embedding into concrete)
Xerafy UHF BRIC Tag
9-9891-700-7 BRIC Bric RFID Tag, 70x32x11mm. High performance adhesive $12.32 C
[C] Jewellery
UMD UHF Jewellery Tag
9-9880-010-1 RFT8001U-H3 UHF RFID Jewelry Tag - Blank White (roll) 60x15mm with 60x5mm tail (Higgs-3) $1.65 C
[D] Library
Standard HF Library Tag
9-9700-006-9 RFI-H54X86-NSI-L Label HF ISO15693 1KBits (SLI) Paper, 54x86mm (each) $0.88 C
[E] Kegs and Cylinders
9-9860-080-0 6A3980 RFID UHF On Metal RTI $8.25 C
Xerafy UHF Xylinder
9-9891-710-6 Xylinder Xylinder RFID Tag, 34 x 8.9mm. High performance adhesive $11.66 C
[F] Keytags / fobs (UHF & HF)
UHF and HF Keyfobs
Trapezoid Mifare Keytag
9-9842-010-1 RFT4201H-NM1 Key-Fob, Trapezoid, RFID HF Mifare 1K $4.40 C
Rounded End UHF Keytag
9-9842-020-0 RFT4202U-H3 Key-Fob, Round End, RFID UHF EPC $4.40 C
Rounded End HF Keytag
9-9842-030-9 RFT4203H Key-Fob, Round End, RFID HF ISO15693 256 bit $4.40 C
[G] Lateral - UHF (can ready in all directions)
HID UHF Ultra Series
9-9860-050-3 6A7980 RFID UHF inLine Ultra $5.06 C
9-9860-080-0 6A3980 RFID UHF On Metal RTI $8.25 C
Intermec UHF Lateral Tags
225-756-001 IT67/10 TAG, RFID, IT67, QTY 10 (Sample Pack - Qty 10) #N/A C
225-757-001 IT67/250 TAG, RFID, IT67, QTY 250 (1145.19 per 250) $2,750.00 G
[H] Long Range
HID UHF Inline230/15
9-9860-040-4 692903 RFID UHF inLine230/15 $8.91 C
[I] Plug
HID LF Plug Tag
9-9860-020-6 684921-002 RFID Plug Tag (134.2kHz/FDX-b) $3.74 C
HID UHF Wedge Tag
9-9891-330-4 Pico Wedge UHF RFID Embedded Diam24.2 x 6.2mm (Higss3) $14.96 C
[J] Wristband
UMD UHF Wristband Tag
9-9852-020-1 RFW5202U-H3-BLU RFID Silicon Wristband UHF EPC - Blue $7.70 B
9-9852-021-3 RFW5202U-H3-YEL RFID Silicon Wristband UHF EPC - Yellow $7.70 B
9-9852-022-4 RFW5202U-H3-GRN RFID Silicon Wristband UHF EPC - Green $7.70 B
PDC HF Wristband Tag
1-9031-200-6 RWSA-13-PDJ-I Rewearable Silicon Wrist Band, HF ISO15693, Adult - Blue $12.10 U1