Professional Services
UMD Summary

Unique Micro Design (UMD) provides a range of professional and support services which are used to design, install and support ICT edgeware infrastructure including wired, wireless, RFID and Data Capture Systems and network integration. Our professional services can be defined into the following six categories:

  • Pre-Sales is an activity performed by UMD in order to develop an initial proposal or quotation for the Customer. It reflects the effort and time taken in investigating, evaluating, testing and verifying potential solutions. This ensures Customer confidence in both UMD and the integrity of the proposed solution.

  • Consulting is an investigative service performed by UMD using site audits and analytical tools to generate technical specifications, select products, recommend solutions and produce solution implementation plans.

  • Implementation is a service performed by UMD which ensures that the system or solution ordered by the Customer is installed and tested ready for operation.

  • Post-Sales Support are services continually rendered by UMD to sustain confidence in the system or solution acquired, and maintain its integrity and reliability.

  • Software Development is a service provided by UMD to specify, develop and manage the sourcing, writing or integration of software components and/or development.

  • Project Management is a service provided by UMD to manage and allocate resources to complete a project.