UMD BOS/Embedded - Device/Equipment Activation Platform

UMD BOS / Embedded technology enables anyone using a smartphone, to activate or hire an infield device or machine, without the need for the Device to be connected to the internet. The solution also requires no app installation on the ‘User's’ smartphone to work!

BOS / Embedded can be used for:

  • Enabling a device or machine to operate based on payment or voucher
  • Equipment rental
  • User registration
  • Enable Subscriptions
  • Access Control

The process begins with the User reading a QRCode or NDEF encoded NFC tag located on the machine with their smartphone. Using the smartphone’s browser and data connection, this action re-directs the user to a specific UMD BOS (Basic Ordering Service) micro-website, where the hire and/or payment process is conducted. Once a digital token token is exchanged, the smartphone can complete the process by transmitting it directly to the offline device or machine.

Vendors can create digital tokens to enable or control their device or machine, using the UMD BOS service.

The BOS service is hosted by UMD and requires no commissioning or programming by the Vendor only plug and play configuration.

If payment is required for activation, BOS seamlessly connects with the Cardgate.Net credit card payment service to facilitate this.

The machine or device to be controlled requires the installation of a UMD embedded controller. This controller is used to communicate with the User’s smartphone and also serves to control or activate the machine’s operation.

The UMD BOS/Embedded platform is uniquely customised to meet a clients’ specific needs.

Applications examples include:

  • Replacing Coin mechanism
  • Eletric BBQ
  • Caravan Park Amenities
  • Public Washing Machines
  • Vending Machines
  • Etc.