Cleaning Products

Thermal Print Head Cleaning Pen

The CLEAN-PENN will not only help your printer print clean, clear and crisp labels and bar codes but save you money by costly repairs and down time.
UMD Part Number: 9-7080-050-1 / 9-7080-051-8
Availability: Each / Pack of 12

The Thermal Printhead is an expensive consumable part of your thermal printer and, under most manufacturers, is not covered by warranty. To get the best life of your print head, keep it clean by using the revolutionary design of the CLEAN-PENN.

The CLEAN-PENN is designed to remove ink, dirt and contamination build up on thermal print heads.

Suitable for all Thermal Printers.

General Printhead Cleaning Cards

At around $2 each these are cheap insurance for unnecessary equipment down time
UMD Part Number: 1-110501-00
Availability: Box of 25
These cleaning cards safely and effectively remove contamination from thermal print heads, guides and label/ticket paths. Keeping the printhead clean will improve the print quality and extend the life of the thermal printhead.

General Cleaning Cleaning Wipes

At around $0.33 each these are cheap insurance for unnecessary equipment down time
UMD Part Number: 9-7080-090-2

Availability: Box of 25
Fellowes Surface Cleaning 75 Wipe Tub Antibacterial

Active Ingredients: Proplyene Glycol Ethers (<2%), Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (<0.5%)

General Cleaning Canned Air
UMD Part Number: 9-7080-100-5

Availability: Can
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Cleaning Pen
9-7080-050-1 CA005 Clean-Penn (each) $11.00 U1
9-7080-051-8 CA006 Clean-Penn (pack 12) $88.00 U1
[B] General Head Cleaning Cards
1-110501-00 Cleaning card for 4 wide Industrial Printers, 25 cards per carton: PXi+Pxie $55.00 H
1-110101-00 Cleaning Card, 2x6in, box of 25 $44.00 H
[C] Cleaning Wipes
9-7080-090-2 Surface Cleaning Wipes, Anti-bacterial 75 $25.30 B
[D] Canned Air
9-7080-100-5 Air-Duster 400ml (Canned compressed air) $31.90 B