Denso - Warranty
Extended Warranty Service

Denso offers a free 2 year extension to their normal 12 month warranty, on selected products, through QBdirect.
The Denso ordinary no-cost warranty period (one year) is extended by two years to a total of three years*, once the product has been registered through the QBdirect online portal. This warranty service is to repair unit failures that occur naturally, it does not cover damage from inappropriate use or abuse.
For more information see the DENSO WAVE Warranty Period Extension Service Agreement
To register your newly purchased Denso product for this extended warranty:
Registration for ANZ purchased products
*Applicable period of service
For three years from the date of manufacturer's shipment
In the cases below, however, the service ends even within the applicable period of service.
1.The device targeted for the service has been lost.
2.The device targeted for the service has been transferred to a third party.
3.The device targeted for the service has been modified.

Applicable Products

BHTCU SeriesCH Series
BHT-1100 SeriesCU-11XXCH-11XX
BHT-1200 Series(Except 3G Model and UHF Model)CU-12XXCH-12XX
BHT-1300 seriesCU-13XXCH-13XX
BHT-1400 seriesCU-AXX -14CH-A4 -14, CH-11XX
BHT-1500 seriesCU-AXX -15CH-A4 -15