Denso - UR40

The Denso UR40 UHF RFID Reader is a fixed type scanner designed for factory automation and logistics. The scanner’s reading capability meets the highest industry standard, and its robustnessenables continuous operation even in harsh environments.

The UR40 implements long-distance reading of 8m in the linear mode, or 6m in the circular mode and achieves a high-speed reading rate of upto 600 tags/second. Tags are read reliably even on fast-moving conveyor belt assembly lines.

The antenna-integrated structure enables easy installation in compact spaces, with the option of the addition of up to 3 external antennas to secure a stable communication zone.


  • Compliance to ISO/IEC 18000-63 (GS1 EPC Gen2)
  • Compact Reader with 3 external Antennas ports
  • Configurable Linear or Circular internal Antenna
  • 10-30dBm 1W output
  • Low profile
  • 12 Month Return to Base Warranty


 UR40-H-ERU ReaderURAN-40H1 External Antenna
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 54.5mm 210mm x 210mm x 37mm
Weight 1780g 700g
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity 10-95% (Without condensation or freezing)
Ingress Protection IP65
Voltage 24 V/DC, +10%/-15%
Current 1A MAX (excluding inrush current)
Frequency Range 920-926 MHz (Australia)
Supported Tags ISO/IEC18000-63 (EPC Gen2)
Antenna Gain 8dBm Linear/6dBm Circular 6dBm Circular
Read Distance Upto 8m Linear/6m Circular 6m Circular
Output Power 10-30 dBm (1W Max.)
Indicators POWER (Green), RF (R/G/B), NETWORK (O/G/B), STATUS (R/G/B) 
Interfaces Ethernet, RS-232C,
USB miniB (Setup only)
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Denso UR40
RFID Reader
104662-5470 UR40-READER #ERROR! $4,565.00 A
Power Supply Cable (Includes I/O 1, RS-232C), 24V/DC PSU must be sourced separately
496870-0150 PS24RS UR40 Power Cable with Serial and GPIO (1xI/P + 1xO/P) $308.00 A
UR40 Ethernet Cable
895706-0130 CA-UR40-ETH UR40 Ethernet Cable $110.00 A
[B] GPIO Cable(For I/O 2/3/4)
496870-0160 CA-UR40-GPIO UR40 GPIO Cable (3xI/P + 3xO/P) $242.00 A
[C] External Denso UR40 Expansion Antenna
466100-5170 UR40-EXT-ANT UR40 Expansion Antenna $847.00 A
Coaxial Antenna Cable
466109-0090 CA-UR40-ANT-5 UR40 Coaxial Cable (for expansion antenna) 5m $451.00 A
466109-0100 CA-UR40-ANT-10 UR40 Coaxial Cable (for expansion antenna) 10m $572.00 A
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