Epson - TM-T88 MkV POS Thermal Printer

Designed to meet the high speed requirements of coupon and clean receipt printing for retail and hospitality environments, the TM-T88 MkV raises the performance of high speed printing with a print speed of 300mm a second, making it the fastest thermal printer in its class. A highly reliable printer, the TM-T88 permits bar code printing and is capable of printing characters that can be scaled up to 64 times as large as the standard printing size. The printers Non-Volatile Ram allows the TM-T88 to permanently store bitmap images for quick, professional docket printing.

The TM-T88 gives retailers the ability to print clean receipts or coupons quickly, its partial cut delivery makes it easy to present to the customer, and the option of using 2 colour paper can really enhance the visual impact of the receipt.

The TM-T88 features modular interface boards that enable users to select from Bi-directional Parallel, RS-232C, High Speed RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet or WiFi communications, with USB the default if no interface board is installed.


  • High-speed printing of up to 300mm/sec. - 50% faster than the TM-T88IV
  • Same fast print speed for both text and graphics
  • Two-color printing of receipts including logos and all other graphics
  • Ease-of-use features including drop-in paper loading, long-lasting autocutter and Auto Status Back messages
  • Improved cover design for increased spill resistance
  • Wide range of interfaces Options
  • USB Standard, Serial and Parallel interface options standard
  • Four year warranty


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions148 (h) x 145 (w) x 195 (d) mm
CutterPartial Cut
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature5C to 45C
Storage Temperature-10C to 50C

10 - 90% Relative Humidity (Excluding Paper)

Electrical Characteristics
Power Supply24 V DC +/- 7%
Power ConsumptionHigh Speed: 1.8A Std. - 7.7A Peak (Approx. @ 24 V)
Low Power: 1.2A Std. - 6.6A Peak (Approx. @ 24 V)
Printing Characteristics
Print MethodThermal Line Printing
Print Resolution180 dpi x 180 dpi
Feed MethodFriction Feed
Print Width72 mm (512 Dot Positions)
per Line
Font A: 42
Font B: 56
Character SpacingFont A: 0.28 mm
Font B: 0.28 mm
Character SizeFont A: 1.41 x 3.39 mm Standard
Font B: 0.99 x 2.40 mm Standard
Font A: 1.41 x 6.77 mm Double Height
Font B: 0.99 x 4.80 mm Double Height
Font A: 2.82 x 3.39 mm Double Width
Font B: 1.98 x 2.40 mm Double Width
Font A: 2.82 x 6.77 mm Double Height & Width
Font B: 1.98 x 4.80 mm Double Height & Width
Print SpeedHigh Speed: 300 mm/s Max.
Low Power: 100 mm/s Approx.
Barcodes: 50 mm/s Approx.
Paper Feed Speed300 mm/s Max. Continuous Paper Feed
Line Spacing4.23 mm (Default)
Character StructureFont A: 12 x 24
Font B: 9 x 17
Media Specifications
Size79.5 mm Wide x 83 mm Diameter Max.
Core SizeInside: 12 mm, Outside: 18 mm
TypeThermal or Dual Thermal
StandardCentronics Parallel or RS-232 Serial, both with USB
OptionalRS-232 High Speed, RS-435, 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b Wireless
Cash Drawer2 Drawers
Data Buffer4Kb or 45 Bytes (Selectable)
Bitmap Image Buffer256K (Non Volatile)
Page Mode Area106K
Mechanism20,000,000 Lines
Thermal Head100,000,000 Pulses / 100Km
Auto Cutter2,000,000 Cuts
MTBF360,000 Hours
Safety and Regulatory
EMI StandardFCC, VCCI, CE marking, AS/NZS CISPR22 class A, GOST-R
Safety StandardsUL/CSA/EN/TV/GOST-R
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Epson TM-T88V with Power Supply & Interface Cable- Epson Dark Gray (EDG)
[B] Epson TM-T88i Intelligent Printer with Power Supply - Indent Only
Related Option
9-5019-130-8 OT-WL01-732 Wireless USB Interface for TM-I Series #N/A
[C] Accessories
9-5019-020-2 WH-10-040 Wall Mount Bracket for TM Series $99.00 A
9-5019-011-3 PS180 PowerSupply $154.00 A
9-5019-120-9 OT-BX88-592 TM-T88IV Power Supply Cover - EDG #N/A
[D] Cable Assemblies
2-6088-020-0 CA6088-2 Serial D9 Skt to Printer (2m) $9.26 U1
2-5101-020-4 CA101-2 Serial D25 to Printer $8.80 A
2-5102-020-9 CA102-2 Parallel Print Cbl 2M $8.80 A
2-6284-020-8 CA6284-2 Epson High Speed Printer Cable DB9F-DB9F $13.89 U1
2-6270-020-5 CA6270-2 USB 2.0 Cable A/B, Black - 2m $8.80 C
2-6310-020-2 CA6310-2 USB Cable A/B, Black - 2m $11.00 C
2-5199-020-0 CA199-2 IEC Power C13 to AU 3 pin Plug - 2m $9.26 U1
[E] Consumables
9-9080-586-5 PR8080T/24 Thermal Paper Roll 80mm(w) x 80mm(d) (pk 24) $60.50 B
9-7080-050-1 CA005 Clean-Penn (each) $11.00 U1
9-9660-004-7 L75X32000D0H-B1 Label DT 75 mm x 32 m with Slit (ie. Continuous label) $13.20 C
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