Intermec - FlexDock
HandHeld Docking Solutions

Intermec’s FlexDock Docking System brings a whole new ease to mobile device docking and charging. Interchangeable bases and cups provide multiple options for data communications and/or charging. No longer do you need separate infrastructures for your various mobile computers and printers. You can tailor the dock to meet your specific configuration needs, with a Traditional single type of mobile device or battery to a mix of mobile device types and/or battery packs.

The Intermec FlexDock is a uniquely scalable, modular docking system for Intermec products, providing the flexibility to design the docking system that best suits your needs today, as well as in the future. The Dual or Quad Base supports optional 100Base-T Ethernet connectivity, enabling high-speed data communications over your network infrastructure. “Daisy chaining” capability allows up to ten bases (up to 40 mobile devices) to share a single host network port, significantly reducing cabling requirements.

The Quad Base, designed for large scale deployments, can be configured to hold either a maximum of four mobile devices or four battery charging stations allowing for simultaneous charging of up to 8 battery packs.


  • A modular and extensible design, with replaceable cups
  • Engineered for large scale deployments with a small footprint
  • designed for standard 19” IT racking solutions
  • Reduces installation costs and simplifies wiring
  • A future-proof design allows simple upgrading to next generation devices


Physical Characteristics
Single/Dual Dock
Quad Dock
(Height varies depending on cups used)
231mm (w) x 127mm (d)
445mm (w) x 127mm (d)
Height, Cups 64mm to 114mm (h), Installed on base
Single/Dual Dock
Quad Dock
(Varies depebndant on cups installed)
PSU Dimensions:
Single/Dual Dock
Quad Dock
130mm x 76mm x 33mm
180mm x 58mm x 39mm
Single/Dual PSU Dock
Quad Dock PSU
Mounting Sits on Flat Surface such as a Shelf
Optional 19" Equipment Rack Mounting with Mounting Kit
Single/Dual Dock
Quad Dock
12V/DC, 4A
12V/DC, 8A
Recharge TimeUpto 6 hous for fully discharged packs.
OptionsCharge Only (No communications)
USB (Micro USB-B connector)
Ethernet, with daisy chain ability


Flex Dock Configuration Guide

1A   Single Dock
2A   Dual Dock
4A   Quad Dock
0   USB
1   Ethernet
2   Charge Only
For Single Dock Select 1 Unit Cup and 1 Corresponding Dual Battery Charge Cup
For Dual Dock Select 2 only of the below cups
For Quad Dock Select 4 of the below cups
1   CN70
2   CK7x
3   CN3/4
4   CK3
5   CN50
6   CS40
7   PR2/3
A   CN70 Dual Battery Charge Cup
B   CK3/7x Dual Battery Charge Cup
E   CS40 Dual Battery Charge Cup
F   PR2/3 Dual Battery Charge Cup
Power Cord
 00(None - Australia)
10North America
DX1A01A  00CN70 Single Dock, USB, with 2 Battery Charge slots (DX1A01A00)
DX2A144  002x CK3 Dual Dock, Ethernet(DX214400)
DX4A2125600Quad Dock for 1ea CN70, CK7x, CN50, CS40(DX4A2125600)
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Docks (includes power supply, but excludes IEC Power Lead)
Single Dock
DX1A01A20 Desktop,USB,Batt,CN70,NoPwrCd $682.00 H
DX1A02B00 Desktop Dock CK70/71 No Pwr Cord $902.00 H
Dual Docks
Quad Docks
DX4A2222200 Quad Dock Chg Only CK70/71 No Pwr Cord $1,078.00 H
[B] Common Accessories
2-5199-020-0 CA199-2 IEC Power C13 to AU 3 pin Plug - 2m $9.26 U1
[C] Cups Only
203-916-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CK3 $143.00 H
203-917-001 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, CK70/71/CK3 $198.00 H
203-920-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CN70/70e $121.00 H
203-921-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CK70/71 $121.00 H
203-922-002 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, CN70/70e $198.00 H
203-923-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CS40 $121.00 H
203-926-001 FlexDock Cup, Blank Cover $407.00 H
[D] Optional Cables
2-6313-010-2 CA6313-1 USB A to micro-B - 1m $22.00 C