UHF RFID Smart&Secure Tag

The MIKOH MIK-200 Series Smart&Secure RFID Tags are designed for use in those area's where the sealed integrity of the product or application is paramount, such as container security, counterfeiting and product substitution. Smart&Secure is a tamper-evident RFID technology, that addresses the tag security issue by detecting if an RFID label has been tampered with or moved.

The MIK-202 is a small Tag, ideal for pharmaceutical and garment tracking applications.


  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and garment tracking applications
  • Multi-layered tamper evident design
  • Antenna is a high performance loop/dipole hybrid configuration for near and far field applications
  • Factory Fixed Unique Tag Identifier


Physical Characteristics
Inlay Dimensions38.65 mm wide x 25.4 mm long
Inlay SubstratePET
Core Size76.2 mm
Quantity/Roll1000, 5000
Tamper EvidenceDestruct on Removal
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40C to +65C
Storage Temperature-40C to +85C
ESD Immunity2kV
Humidity30 to 70% Relative Humidity
RFID Characteristics
RF ProtocolEPC Gen 2
Operating Frequency Range869.4 to 928 MHz
Operating ModePassive
Data Transfer Rate640kbps
Tag Characteristics
EPC96 bits
Tag Identifier32 bits
Programmable User Memory0 bits
Access Password32 bits
Kill Password32 bits
EEPROB Data Retention50 Years
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Inform MIK-201 Smart&Secure Tag
9-9810-020-1 MIK-202 Mikoh UHF RFID Tamper Evident Tag 38.65x25.4mm $1.65 C