UMD - MP 2069
EV Series Serial Interface Board

The UMD MP2069 provides mounting and serial connectivity to the Intermec EV Series Scan Engines (EV12, EV14 & EV15), to allow the integration of barcode reading in kiosk type applications.

The MP2069 allows the Barcode Engine to be mounted horizontally and provides either a 6 way screw terminal block, dual 10 way header pins or an RJ socket for connection.


  • Serial Interface for the EV12/EV14/EV15 Scan Engine
  • External Trigger connection
  • Horizontal Mountable
  • Good Read Buzzer/LED options
  • Connection to a DTE Device
  • 12 month Warranty


With EV15 Module 50 x 41 x 27 mm
With EV12 50 x 41 x 27 mm
PCB Assembly Only 50 x 41 x 10 mm
Voltage Input +5V/DC
Current 200 mA (approx.)
RS-232 Signal RxD, CTS
RS-232 Signal TxD, RTS
Option 1 6 pin Terminal Block
(screw terminal or removable)
Option 2 10 way dual header pin
(2x5 pins)
Option 3 RJ45 Modular Socket
Speaker Driven by EV module
Indicators 1) Power LED (Red)
2) Good Read LED (Green)
External Trigger Via 2 pin header
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] MP-2069 with EV14 Module (1D Linear Imager)
3-2069-842-0 MP2069-EV14-HS1 EV14 Scan Module with S/T Header Pins & 5.5mm Stand Off $242.00 U3
[B] MP-2069 with EV15 Module (1D Linear Imager)
3-2069-611-2 MP2069-EV15-HD1 EV15 Scan Module with Header Pins & 5.5mm Standoffs $308.00 U3
3-2069-620-4 MP2069-EV15-HT0 EV15 Scan Module with TB Connnector & Mounting Holes only $308.00 U3
3-2069-621-1 MP2069-EV15-HT1 EV15 Scan Module with TB Connector & 5.5mm Standoff $308.00 U3
3-2069-630-3 MP2069-EV15-HR0 EV15 Scan Module with RJ Connector & Mounting Holes only $308.00 U3
3-2069-631-1 MP2069-EV15-HR1 EV15 Scan Module with RJ Connector & 5.5mm Standoff $308.00 U3
[C] Cable Assemblies (Required for use with header pins connector)
2-7008-003-0 CA7008 10Way IDC to 10Way IDC Ribbon Cable - 3 cm $11.00 U1
2-7009-010-7 CA7009-1 MP2069 10Way IDC to DB9S IDC Ribbon Cable - 1m $15.40 U1
2-7009-015-2 CA7009-1.5 MP2069 10Way IDC to DB9S IDC Ribbon Cable - 1.5m $15.40 U1
[D] Support
Engineering support is available on this product including interfacing. Contact UMD for details.