Troi BT-3HT
Boltable UHF RFID Tags

The TROI BT-3HT Boltable RFID Tag provides identification and tracking capabilities never-before available in a package that is designed for rugged or hazardous use-areas. The BT-3HT Boltable RFID Tag was designed to be bolted or adhered to objects, and is able to withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees C.


  • High performance RFID-on metal tags
  • Passive UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • IP68 rating
  • On and Off Metal Mount
  • 300 Degrees
  • High Resistance to chemicals


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions76mm x 28m x 19mm
Case MaterialProprietary high temperature nylon
MountingBolt, Screw, Band/Tie, Glue
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-50to 80C (Internal Soak)
Survival Temperature
(Long Term)
-50to 300C
IP ClassificationIP68
Weather ResistanceExcellent, including UV-resistance and sea water immersion
Chemical ResistanceNo physical or performance changes in:
- Salt water
- NaOH (depending on concentration)
- Sulfuric acid (depending on concentration)
- Motor oil (tested in 168 hour exposure)
Generally good against:
- Most solvents
- Most acids and bases
Mounting SurfaceAny material, including sub-surface (back-filled with epoxy [non-metallic materials]).
Surface mounting on metal surfaces, both ferrous and non-ferrous.
Chip Characteristics
IC TypeAlien Higgs 3, EM4325
Operating Frequency Range902 MHz - 928 MHz
Memory ConfigurationHiggs 3: 128-EPC bits, 512 User bits
EM4325: 352 EPC bits, 3072 User bits
Read RangeReal-world: 1 2 meters, depending on attachment
Lab environment: 7 meters
Standards Compliance
Standards ComplianceISO 17665 Sterilization of Health Care Products Moist Steam
ISO 11135 - Sterilization of Health Care Products Ethylene Oxide
ROHS Compliant
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Trio BT-3HT