UMD Asset Labels
Asset Label Stock

Unique Micro Design's Asset labels are made from 3Mô 7815 Polyester for the best performance in Thermal Transfer printing of Asset Labels.

3Mô Thermal Transfer Polyester Label Material 7815 is a matte white polyester label stock that offers excellent moisture resistance and thermal stability with a firm adhesive which resists oozing and provides high strength on a variety of surfaces.

  • Features ultra-smooth topcoat for thermal transfer printing.
  • The topcoat also provides improved ink anchorage for traditional forms of press printing
  • 310 High Precision Acrylic is a firm adhesive that resists oozing
  • 55# densified kraft liner
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Asset Label Stock Lines
L20x15P1J-D10000 Label, Polyester 3M#9715, Permanent 20x15mm, 4 across, 3mm gap, Wound Out ,38mm Core, Roll 10000 $187.00 C
9-9647-006-4 L50 x 25 P1 C-D1000 Label TT 50 x 25mm, 39mm D-Core, Perf, 1000 lab/roll Permanent Adhesive $83.60 C
9-9680-025-7 L60x30P0A-KK TT 60 x 30 Polypropeylene Per 1000 $16.50 C
Custom Printing can be arranged on request.
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9-9352-021-9 B110C-80x300 80mm x 300m (full resin) $105.60 A
9-9352-020-2 B110C-104x152 104mm x 152m (full resin) $62.70 A
9-9352-011-0 B110CR 104mm x 250m $52.80 A