Application Service - Chariot-Collect

UMDs'Chariot-Collect is an Application Service that connects to the UMD Chariot - IoT Edgeware Application Development Platform i.e. it is a standard Connector/Application offering of Chariot".

UMD's Chariot Collect is a platform that is used to track assets. UMD Chariot Collect captures data from edge devices and stores the ‘W’s of Asset Events: Which asset, Where the event occurred and When it occurred.

  • Hosted or on-premises solution
  • Data collection from any edge device as part of an “Intelligent sensor Network”
  • We build your desired business application on top of the collect engine
  • Integrates easily with your enterprise data systems
  • Your application can be customised to capture many other attributes from the standard library such as Event type and User or the library may be extended to capture any other information your process requires.

    Once collected, Asset Event information is then accessible to your business process – from basic asset history logs to more complex report presentations or exports to your corporate data systems.

    Data collection devices - “Edge Devices” can be of almost any form:

  • Smart phones
  • Mobile terminals
  • Small embedded devices
  • Dedicated portals
  • UMD designs and manufactures edge collection devices to suit your requirements. Data sources caninclude:

  • RFID tags
  • Barcodes
  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Manually entered data
  • Software sourced data from other corporate data systems
  • UMD Collect™ can be used as-is with minimal customisation to start capturing your data immediately. As your needs mature other services and business process capabilities can be added.

    Applications include:

  • Warehouse tracking
  • Work in progress
  • High value assets
  • Returnable assets (totes, pallets etc)
  • Personnel
  • Powerful Flexibility and scalability. UMD's Chariot Collect can be used for the smallest dataset to the largest with the ability to scale to your needs.

    Triggers allow information about asset events or conditions to be reported, alerts to be sent (e.g. SMS or email) or initiation of further events in the system such as exception reporting or process completion actions.

    Your data is accessible to your Enterprise Data system either through being pushed from Chariot Collect, or by being accessible via an API.