UMD Model 652A Series
USB RFID Pad Reader/Writer

The UMD Model 652A is a RFID UHF Desktop Pad Reader and Writer and has been designed to typically sit on a desk and read RFID tagged items such as documents and assets when in close proximity. Feedback for successful RFID reading is provided by LED lights and audible feedback. RFID tag data is then transferred to the attached host computer as USB-Serial data to a Host application. Software can either accept this data directly into their system or data can be translated via third party keyboard wedge utilities. Keyboard wedging allows data to be received as if it has been typed via a keyboard. This makes for simple software integration.

With the addition of UMD M652SW01, RFID tag programming software (PC Client) and optional barcode scanner, the UMD RFID Pad reader can be turned into a RFID tag programmer. Combined with UMD's Q*Dot EPC barcodes and 2D scanner, the system can be used to quickly register un-programmed or un-commissioned RFID tags.

As the Model 652 is designed and manufactured by UMD and incorporates a microcontroller, specialized application and filtering requirements can be easily customized to meet any requirements.


  • UHF RFID Desktop Pad Reader and writer
  • USB-Serial Host Interface
  • Stand alone operation
  • Feedback via LED and buzzer
  • Custom applications can be downloaded to flash memory
  • Free tag programming software
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Unique Micro Design
  • 12 Months Warranty


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions23 mm (h) x 89 mm (w) x 148 mm (l)
Case MaterialABS Plastic
ColourBlack Base with Opaque Blue Top
(other colour options are available)
Weight400g (Approx)
Environmental Characteristics
0 to 50 C Operating
Relative Humidity0 to 97% (Non-Condensing)
RFID Characteristics
FrequencyCan support 862 to 955 MHz
(Set to 918-926 MHz for Australia)
StandardISO 18000-6C
ProtocolEPC Class1, Gen2
Read RangeUpto 5cm (Dependant on Tag and Orientation)
Source5VDC 0.2V
(Supplied from USB PC Interface)
CommunicationUSB (Type-B Connector)
ProtocolUSB Serial
(Virtual Com Port)
CPUAtmel 8 Bit
Memory4K Flash for Application/2K EEPROM
ProgrammingVia Programming Port on PCB
User Feedback
Visual6 Target LED's (On top of unit)
AudialEmbedded Speaker

UMD Model 652 USB UHF RFID Pad Reader

M652A UMD Model 652 USB UHF RFID Pad Reader
UHF Reader Module (ISO 18000-6C)


UHF Reader Module (ISO 18000-6C)

Hardware Options




Standard - Skyetek M7 UHF RFID Module 0.125W

Skyetek M9 UHF RFID Module 0.5W


Firmware (Software) Options (Flash Programmable)






UHF EPC, 96bit Read Only, USB Serial with Continuous Read

UHF EPC, 96bit Read/Write, USB Serial with direct control (eg. Hyperterminal or M652SWxx Utility software)

Customer Specific

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UMD Model 652A Pad Reader
M652AU0001 M652A Desktop UHF RFID Pad Reader with USB serial with contineous read $968.00 U3
M652AU0002 M652A Desktop UHF RFID Pad Reader with USB serial direct terminal control (eg Hyperterminal or M652SWxx) $968.00 U3
M652AU9001 M652A-9 Desktop UHF RFID Pad Reader (M9 module) with USB I/F $1,232.00 U3
[B] UMD RFID Tag Programming Kit
Basic Kit (order all items)
M652SW01 UMD Basic Tag Programming Software (free)
9-9400-002-4 QDots-002 UMD Q*Dots UMD Generic, RFID-EPC with UMD Domain = 007H (per sheet of 252) $55.00 U1
Advanced Tag Programmer
M652SW02 M652 Software Utility - Converts GS1 barcode into EPC $440.00 U3