Professional Services
Software Development

Working in conjunction with a UMD solutions provider or directly with the customer, Software Development Services are derived from UMD’s Systems Analysis activity and focus on producing relevant computer programs to fulfil a customers overall system requirements.

This process is viewed as a project in its own right due to the strategic nature of customised software. Various additional elements including operational testing schedules, acceptance criteria, sign off procedures and protocols need to be included in an agreement and implemented as part of this service.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Software Development
Software Development Services are quoted on a project basis, and is usualy based on a fixed price quotation tailored to suit your requirements. Please contact our Technical Support Group to discuss software requirements
8-9001-500-9 Software Development Services
8-9001-501-6 Software Modifications
[B] Software Licencing
8-9001-510-8 Software Licence - per client
8-9001-511-5 Software Licence - per site
[C] Software Support
8-9001-520-7 Software Support - General
8-9001-521-4 Software Support - per client