UMD - IoT UHF Tyre 010 Series
UHF Tyre Patch Tag

The UHF Tyre Patch tag is specially designed for tyre tracking and management application after the tyres are manufactured. These tags are designed to meet all requirements in terms of pressure, heat, and chemical resistance in the application of Contactless Tracking of tyres. The UHF Tyre Patch Tag is ideal for bus and truck tyre tracking, logistic vehicle management and automobile factory tyre tracking.

Pre-encoding and logo / text printing are available on request.


  • Robust design to last the life of the tyre
  • Pressure, heat and chemical resistant
  • Contactless tracking of tyres
  • Chip Alien Higgs-3 or Impinj M4QT
  • ISO/IEC 1800-6C, EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2
  • Up to 4 metres read range


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions85 mm x 35 mm x 3 0.3 mm
Weight5.6 g
ColourBlack & Grey
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature-40C to +85C
Storage Temperature-40C to +95C
Ingress ProtectionIP68
Chemical ResistanceResistant to continuous exposure to salt water and motor oil for 2 hours
Abrasion resistant against HCL and IPA
Applicable SurfacesAll types of tires
Communication Characteristics
RF ProtocolEPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-63
Chip TypeAlien Higgs-3 or Impinj M4QT
Operating Frequency 865 - 868 MHz (EU) or 902 - 928 MHz (US)
Memory ConfigurationEPC96 bits, extendible to 480bits
TID 96 bits unalterable unique
User memory 512 bits
Access password 32 bits
Kill password 32 bits
Read Range3 - 4 m when placed on tire
Strictly recommended to test with tire only

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] UHF RIFD Tyre Patch Tag
IOT-UHF-TIRE-010-M4QT UHF RFID Tire Tag, Inlay 95x35x3mm M4QT, Rubber and Sprint design $5.50 A