UMD Web Services

UMD Web Services (UWS) are hosted in Australia by Unique Micro Design (UMD) owned and operated infrastructure.

UMD Web Services offer:

  • access to standard web browsers to provide human to computer interaction
  • JSON/REST APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for computer to computer communications
  • The UMD Web Services are hosted on high reliability, redundant and secure computing platforms.


  • Virtualised infrastructure allows rapid horizontal scaling to meet demand
  • High availability infrastructure - a fully load balanced and clustered environment
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic and load
  • Accessibility - available on all modern web compliant devices
  • Security - industry standard single sign on authentication and best practice encryption and data protection
  • Privacy - no user data is stored or processed on third party services
  • Web Services API Integration allow integration into third party applications and processes
  • Data aggregation aggregate data from a range of locations and devices
  • Well defined development processes - separate and isolated Development, Stage and Production environments
  • Modern development platform - Microsoft C# DotNET
  • Two geographically separated data centres are maintained: one at our Clayton office and the other at a Melbourne CBD based secure commercial data centre.

    Solutions as a Service

    UMD Web Services is used to host and deliver UMD's Edge Solution and Platform offering, which currently includes the following Solutions as a Service offering:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing Redemption
  • Patron Access Control
  • Payment gateway services
  • Ticketing
  • Bespoke Services

    UMD can develop and deploy semi-custom and fully custom solutions for hosting via UMD Web Services.