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UMD RF Wireless Engineering Services

Unique Micro Design’s (UMD) RF Wireless Engineering Services are a collection of professional and support services which can be used to design, install and support wireless infrastructure, including RF Wireless Warehousing, Retail outlets, Education and Healthcare campus’s, and Point to Point network bridging.

We use our engineering information and communications technology (ICT) solutions skills to:

  • Design RF systems
  • Determine network interfacing requirements (including security considerations)
  • Conduct RF site surveys
  • Pre-configure Radio terminals and Wireless Access Points
  • Conduct and manage installations
  • Commission sites, and
  • Provide ongoing after sales support.

These services are designed to:

  • Enable our Partners to implement wireless systems and network infrastructure, without needing comprehensive in-house expertise
  • Minimise the risk associated with wireless infrastructure and ensure adequate radio coverage

    UMD Sells, Supports and Installs Cisco, Motorola (Symbol) and Legacy Intermec Access Points and Wireless Switch Technology.

Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] Radio Fequency Site-Survey Services
Radio Fequency Site-Survey
The RF Site-Survey is an essential procedure for developing an effective wireless network infrastructure and ensuring effective radio coverage. The physical site, where wireless devices are to be installed, must be examined and measurements taken so as to establish the types, quantities and locations of wireless access points, antenna arrays, mounting options, cabling and power management details
8-9001-210-7 RF Site-Survey - Single Site $1,760.00 U5
Standard site survey covers: 1 to 5 Access Points per single site, per location, within 50km of the Melbourne CBD; Site survey documentation; 4 hours are allowed for time at the site.
8-9001-211-4 RF Site-Survey - Multi Site $2,750.00 U5
Multi-Site survey covers: 1 to 5 Access Points per mulitple site, per location, within 50km of the Melbourne CBD; Site survey documentation; 8 hours allowed for time at site.
8-9001-212-1 RF Site-Survey - Casual Rate $220.00 U5
Minimum charge. A fixed price will be quoted on application.
Desktop Radio Fequency Site-Survey
In some circumstances, it is not always possible to conduct a physical site survey, nor may it be warranted in the first instance. In such cases a Desktop RF Site-Survey can be conducted. This consists of obtaining, where possible, details of: site drawings, construction material of buildings as well as network and power cable diagrams.
8-9001-220-6 Desktop RF Site Survey $220.00 U5
[B] Installation Services
Staging & Pre-Configuration
Pre-Configuration Services involve the configuration and preparation of devices in response to specific Customer site parameters prior to installation as determined by the Radio Frequency Site Survey, This also involves the testing of devices and identification of any quality issues thus ensuring rapid installation and minimising disruption to client workplace environments. This service is generally carried out on UMD premises
8-9001-310-3 Pre-Configuration $132.00 U5
Installation services are conducted by UMD, and/or its contractors, and involve the physical process of installing equipment into Customer locations as per the systems requirements identified by RF Site Surveys, Systems Analysis, and Network Auditing Services.
8-9001-330-2 Installation $165.00 U5
Commissioning involves the testing of systems once installations have been completed. Technically it could be as simple as ‘turning the device on’ and ensuring an appropriate response is recorded. However, Commissioning Services are normally reserved for more complex system testing that generally cannot be performed by installers and/or need suitable technical skills to ensure devices are operational (eg. Change various network settings, etc).
8-9001-340-1 Commissioning $220.00 U5
8-9001-341-8 Installation & Commissioning $192.50 U5
Project Management
The Project Manager has overall responsibility for delivery of project outcomes as defined during the consulting process. The key responsibilities of a Project Manager are to define project objectives, develop implementation plans, and to monitor and manage the implementation process. The Project Manager will also set project milestones and test procedures to determine project closure, thus ensuring project objectives and customer expectations are met.
8-9001-800-0 Project Management $242.00 U5
[C] Support
Post-Sales Support services can be provided by UMD to sustain on-going confidence in the system and maintain its’ integrity and reliability. Support is available for: Product Support (to look after the hardware), Systems Support (to fix problems), Systems Maintenance (to look after the system on a on-going basis), System Monitoring (provides remote monitoring services to support above services)& Training
8-9001-400-2 Systems Support - Contract (R2) $154.00 S
8-9001-401-9 Systems Support - Level 1 (p/h) (R3) $176.00 S
[D] Documentation
UMD Service Description - RF Engineering Services
UMD Application Note - Introduction to Wireless Security
[E] Notes
(1) A site is a building. A location may contain multiple sites.
(2) Bookings are essential for site surveys.