Zebra - ZBR Series
RFID Smart Labels

The Zebra branded ZBR2000 are UHF RFID Inlays for General Purpose applications, which offers excellent performance in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare applications.

The Zebra ZBR4000 are Advanced UHF RFID inlays which offer a higher level of read performance than the General Purpose inlays, including optimised for omni-directional reading from any angle and wideband performance when placed on or near challenging material.

These inlays have been designed in consultation with NXP and the NXP UCODE 8 RFID chipset, which is one of the highest highest sensitivity in the market.

A higher sensitivity chip offers many benefits to our customers which include:

  • Longer read ranges
  • Better tag readability in challenging environments
  • Faster tag acquisition (less time to read a tag)
These inlays are fabricated into a range of Smart-Labels.


  • Designed in collaboration with NXP
  • NXP UCODE8 Chipset
  • EPC 128 bits
  • High sensitivity: up to 20m read range
  • Optimized to read from any angle
Ordering Information and Pricing
Part Number Model Number Description RRP
[A] ZEBRA ZBR2000 based - General Purpose Smart-Labels
Stock: Thermal Transfer, Z-Performance 1500T (PET) - Industrial Printers
10026649 ZEBRA LABEL PLAIN PERM 101X152 1000/R 76MM RFID $275.00 A
Stock: Thermal Transfer, Z-Performance 1500T (PET) - Desktop
10033971 ZEBRA LABEL PLAIN PERM 101X50 500R 76MM 1500T RFID $139.70 A
10033972 ZEBRA LABEL PLAIN PERM 101X152 200/R 76MM RFID $66.00 A
Stock: Direct Thermal, Z-Performance 2000D (Paper) - Mobile
10033973 ZEBRA LABEL THERM PERM 101X50 180/R 19MM RFID $56.10 A
10033970 ZEBRA LABEL THERM PERM 101X152 75/R 19MM RFID $27.50 A
[B] ZEBRA ZBR4000 based - Advanced Smart-Labels
Stock: Thermal Transfer, Z-Performance 1500T (PET) - Industrial Printers
[C] Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons
05095GS11007 ZEBRA RIBBON RESIN 110 X 74 FOR DESKTOP 5095 $24.20 A
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