Access Control System

Engineering ICT Solutions

Unique Micro Design (UMD) provides "engineering ICT solutions" in Access Control System (ACS), and supplies are growing range of technologies, software and solutions for access control.

Technologies include:

  • RFID (Radio Frequencies Identification)
  • Barcoding
  • Access Control Software
  • Turnstile Controllers and Interfaces
  • Point of Sale System
  • Credit Card Payment Gateways
  • Cashless Payment Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Wirless Infrastructure
  • ID Cards and Wristbands
  • Ticket Servers

Application Development Platforms

Access Control System solutions are developed using UMD's extensive range of Application Development Platforms, which consist of hardware and software development platforms, which, when combined with our Professional Services and methodologies, enable the rapid design, development and deployment of customer specific Access Control System and solutions.

Major Platforms include:

  • UMD-VAST - Patron access control system for major venues. VAST provides large venues such as entertainment complexes, football grounds, racecourses and other sporting venues with a flexible access control platform which is independent of turnstile hardware and ticketing systems.

  • UMD dQue - Closed loop cashless payment and patron access system for Festivals, Field days and Corporate & Promotional events. dQue can be used in any size event space where there is little or no infrastructure.

  • UMD Bus Ticketing System - a platform product that is customised to meet Bus companies sell and manage ticket redemption on buses.

  • Integrated POS Access System (IPAS) - Integrated Patron access control system and POS terminal for small venues.

Related Platforms include:

  • b-TILL - simple portable barcode based Point of Sale system.

  • Cardgate Internet Services (CIS) - adds real time credit card payments to web services.

  • Cardgate Lemoto Services (CLS) - integrates real time credit card payments to billing systems.

  • Digital Marketing Platforms (DMP)- data capture system for Customer Interaction Management Systems based on RFID, NFC and Barcodes. eg UMD ActiveFrame

  • Top-Up - integrates credit card pre-payment and access control to edgeware devices (eg Kiosk and Vending machines).

  • t-POS - Point of Sale system for issuing and selling tickets.

  • UMD-Edge - "Edgeware" application development platform for building cloud based asset management systems.

  • UMD Hosted Ticket Server (HTS) - Cloud based Ticket Server and validation platform

  • UMD-V-Pay: Mobile Event Cashless Payment Platform uses mobile devices to operate as a cashless payment systems using barcodes.

  • UMD-VAST/Central - cloud based version of UMD-VAST.

  • UMD-VAST/EOS - Event Operations System - major add-on module to UMD-VAST for centralised management of event sub-contractors and facilities. Integrates tightly with UMD-VAST for controlled entry.

  • UMD-XNUT - Edgeware device controller and Ethernet host interface gateway.