Business Solutions Group

Unique Micro Design's (UMD's) Business Solutions Group supports Resellers, Systems Integrators (SI), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Customers in the design, development and deployment of edgeware solutions based around automatic identification and data capture systems (AIDC) and intelligent sensor networks, including Internet of Things (IoT) for a wide range of applications within the supply chain.

Edgeware Solutions provide data capture and interfacing of fixed and mobile devices in and around the "edge" of the enterprise system that provides the man to machine interface. (terminal interface)

Due to the growing complexity of "edgeware" and integration issues, specialised skills are required to collect, manage and interface data between terminal devices and the enterprise software application.

Much of the work requires unique knowledge and skills in terminal devices, protocols, interfacing, networking, wireless, physics and electronics!

This can be summarized by UMD's engineering ICT solutions skills, which reflect our ability to:

  • Design and modify electronic terminal products
  • Source and integrate terminal products from UMD's key agencies
  • Support through UMD's professional, software and support services: to meet customer specific needs.

Solution Groups

UMD's Edgeware solution offering can be divided into five solution groups (similar to Lines of Business or Sales Divisions). Each solution grojup combines a range of products, technology and Application Platforms, that can be customised to meet customer specific needs.

Solution Groups include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Point Of Service Systems
  • Payment Technologies & Platforms

Application Platforms

UMD has developed a range of hardware and software development platforms and methodologies, which, when combined with our Professional Services, enable the rapid design, development and deployment of customer specific solutions. Many of these platforms are common to Solutions Groups.

Platforms include:

  • Asset Management Platform (AMP) - cloud based platform for building asset management edgeware systems that integrate to third party Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM).
  • Cardgate Internet Services (CIS) - adds real time credit card payments to web services.
  • Cardgate Lemoto Services (CLS) - integrates real time credit card payments to billing systems.
  • Document Tracking System (DTS) - adds RFID document tracking to Document Management Systems.
  • Garment Tracking Platform (GTP) - cloud based solution for tracking and management of RFID tagged apparel.
  • Integrated POS Access System (IPAS) - Integrated Patron access control system and POS terminal for small venues.
  • Returnable Asset Tracking System (RATS) - for tracking returnable assets (totes, pallets) using RFID.
  • Top-Up - integrates credit card pre-payment and access control to edgeware devices.
  • Transport Ticketing Platform (TTP) - System to sell and redeem tickets specifically for transport providers (busses, ferries etc) but can be used for other application like events.
  • UMD-Chariot - UMD's Cloud based IoT Architecture.
  • UMD-EDGE.Net - family of cost effective industrial data collection systems incorporating intelleligence, RFID, Keypad/touchscreens and Digital I/O terminals.
  • UMD-REAP: Retail Edgeware Application Platform - System for developing RFID based retails inventory control and marketing systems.
  • UMD-VAST - Patron access control system for major venues.
  • UMD-VAST/EOS - Event Operations System - major add-on module to UMD-VAST for centralised management of event sub-contractors and facilities. Integrates tightly with UMD-VAST for controlled entry.

Industry Partners

UMD also provides industry based solutions, which are supplied through Industry Partners. Industry Partner offer industry subject matter expertise and typically use UMD based solutions to provide value added services.

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